Foreign Agent Rod Rosenstein Says They’re Probably Not Going to Prosecute Any Journalists Anyway

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2017

Do you trust a man with a hand-to-face ratio like this? Who is a Jew?

I can guarantee you that Rosenstein is going to Jew this all up.

This man is a foreign agent, working directly against Trump. He is the one who appointed the special investigator. He is the one refusing to prosecute Comey (remember, Sessions probably isn’t allowed to do that, because he’s recused).

Because of the Russian situation, he can’t even be fired.


US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has said his office is to “respond appropriately” to the issue of increasing leaks in the US, and warned there is a possibility that reporters, not just their sources, might be held accountable.

“We don’t prosecute journalists for doing their jobs. We look at the facts and circumstances of each case and we determine whether somebody has committed a crime and whether it’s appropriate to hold them accountable for it,” Rosenstein said in an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

However, he said, there might be some exceptions where a reporter might become a suspect in a leak case as well as its source.

“Generally speaking, reporters who publish information are not committing a crime. But there might be a circumstance where they do. You know, I haven’t seen any of those today, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the event that there were a case where a reporter was purposely violating the law, then they might be a suspect as well,” he said.

They’re all committing crimes, Rosenberg.

The whole NYT and WaPo staff needs to be arrested and put in camps. Down to the guy who sweeps the floors, they need to be assumed to be a part of a conspiracy to undermine the elected government of the United States of America.

But you’re not going to do that, because you’re part of the same conspiracy.

A new unit within the FBI has been created “to focus on those leaks,” he said, adding that the government is “going to devote whatever resources are necessary to get them under control.”

“Criminal prosecution isn’t the only way to prevent leaks, but it’s an important part of the solution,” he said.

“We’re after the leakers, not the journalist,” the deputy attorney general claimed, adding that the Justice Department has not yet revised any policies with regard to reporters.

Earlier this week, his boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, described the issue of leaks in the country as a threat to national security, warning of a possible crackdown on those who are spreading information illegally.

“We respect the important role that the press plays and will give them respect, but it is not unlimited,” Sessions warned, promising to step up legal procedures to hold journalists accountable for disseminating sensitive information.

“One of the things we are doing is reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas” which would force journalists to testify in court and potentially produce evidence, Sessions explained.

Yeah, Jeff.

Your man Rosenberg isn’t going to allow that.

He’s cockblocking you.

This is all so obvious.

How can people not see what is going on here? How Jewish all of this is?