Ford Unveils Robot Replacement for Delivery Persons and Couriers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

Robots will soon be delivering pizza, Amazon packages, mail and much more. Boxing up orders is already about to be taken over by robots.

No job is safe.

There is no place to hide.

Daily Mail:

Self-driving delivery vehicles may be getting closer to becoming a reality, but Ford believes there’s one leg of the process that could be further solved by robots.

The auto giant has partnered with startup Agility Robotics to create a two-legged robot called ‘Digit’ that can ferry packages to your doorstep.

It solves a problem generated by self-driving delivery vehicles, which is that if there’s no humans in the driver’s seat that can drop off a package, autonomous robots can pick up the slack.

‘It’s not always convenient for people to leave their homes to retrieve deliveries or for businesses to run their own delivery services,’ Ken Washington, chief technology officer at Ford, wrote in a blog post.

‘If we can free people up to focus less on the logistics of making deliveries, they can turn their time and effort to things that really need their attention.

‘Enter Digit, a two-legged robot designed and built by Agility Robotics to not only approximate the look of a human, but to walk like one, too,’ Washington added.

Ford’s robot is capable of lifting packages that weigh 40lbs, so it can deliver your pizza, Amazon package or groceries straight to your doorstep.

The two-legged design works better than wheels for this job, as it allows the robot to go up and down stairs and other irregular terrain. The delivery van works with the two-legged robot providing terrain information and (presumably) more computing power to help the robot navigate through and solve any unexpected events.

This Digit robot can even handle bumping into people.

Ford isn’t the only company working on autonomous delivery robots. It’s joining a crowded field of early entrants like SoftBank-owned Boston Dynamics, as well as robotics firm ANYbotics, which unveiled its robot delivery dog at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

Delivery robots are inevitable now.

The jobs you need the least qualifications to do are the most vulnerable to replacement.

What are young men going to do when there are no more jobs to do without a college degree or a trade certification?

How does this robot takeover fit with Trump’s plan to bring the highest numbers of foreigners ever to work in our country?

Are Americans going to be forced to go through college in order to maybe perhaps sometime work while foreigners work in Trump’s factories?

Are these foreigners that Trump wants to bring going to be left out of the workforce too once the robots take over everything?

Will Americans have to fight the foreigners AND the robots in order to get a job?

So many questions.

People keep talking about the economy as if jobs are something that’s going to be constantly created, but we’re seeing how more and more jobs are taken over by robots.

Everything’s getting automated, not just low-skilled jobs. Even judges and sushi makers are going to become robots.

Baristas aren’t safe, either.

The jobs we deem “safe” now are likely going to be automated in the future too.

There is no stopping this.

We should be thinking of ways to rearrange our society and our economy to adapt to the inevitable coming of the robots. Instead, our people are wasting time thinking of ways to receive more asylum seekers or whatever, increasing the supply of workers while the robots decrease the number of available jobs.