Ford is Seriously Feeling the Pain After Moving Factory to China

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2018

Ford – the car of choice for Chinese communists.

Imagine being the CEO of a major corporation and being told by the government that companies who outsource manufacturing to foreign countries will be penalized.

What would you do?

A. Start closing down foreign factories and bringing jobs back to America, for fear of the incoming tariffs.

B. Try to plead with the government and strike out some kind of deal.

C. Flip the finger to America, close down remaining factories and open up shop in China, hoping for the best.

If you answered C, you might just be Ford executive material.

You also might be just about to go bankrupt.

The Verge:

Ford just announced that it’s abandoning plans to sell the Focus Active — which the company makes in China — in the United States because of tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. The car was supposed to be one of two models that Ford planned to sell in the US going forward as it shifts its lineup to be almost exclusively SUVs and trucks. Now, the only car Ford will sell in the US is the Mustang.

That’s what you get for betraying America, scumsuckers!

Maybe you should have thought twice before wiping your ass with our flag!

Ford CEO, 2018, colorized.

The 25 percent tariff on cars that are assembled in China has made a “very difficult business case for [Ford], so we’re choosing to deploy these resources elsewhere,” Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s president of North America, said on a conference call on Friday morning. Ford is in the middle of a years-long restructuring that it expects will cost $11 billion.

Oh, it all makes sense now. Ford’s president is some kind of Paki.

No wonder he hates America enough to bankrupt his own company.

He’s literally destroying Ford in order to express his brown rage at Trump and the rest of the nation.

Even if the trade war with China relaxes, Ford says it won’t change course, since it only expected sales of around 50,000 per year anyway. The company still plans to import vehicles it builds in other countries, like the EcoSport SUV (which is made in India).

Sounds like we have a new target for the next wave of tariffs.

In 2017, Ford decided to build the new Focus in China after it abandoned plans to move the production of the car from Michigan to Mexico. The Mexico assembly plant had been publicly criticized by Trump, who was still not sworn into office at the time. But instead of acquiescing to pressure from the president-elect and keeping production in the US, Ford decided to build the Focus in China — a decision that reportedly saved the company around $1 billion. The Focus Active will still be sold in other parts of the world, Ford says.

These freaking people.

I guess they thought Trump was bluffing? Or maybe they just did this as a gesture of defiance.

I guess hiring an antifa as company president was a poor business decision, huh?

Well, I’m guessing that “$1 billion in savings” is going down the drain now, if they can’t actually sell the car in America – because their precious Chinese sure as hell won’t let them sell them there without heavy tariffs either.

Trump’s burgeoning trade war with China, as well as increased tension with the European Union, has put automakers in a tough position.

No, it’s put them in a very simple position. Either make your car in America and sell it at an affordable price, or make it in your favorite shithole to save pennies and then find yourselves unable to compete with other manufacturers because of tariffs.

There’s nothing complicated about this.

Most leading car companies operate on a global scale, and production plants are increasingly being placed in areas where costs can be kept low. GM — one of the only other major automakers that currently imports Chinese-built cars — has also warned that it might stop importing the Buick Envision SUV if the company is not granted an exemption to the tariff.

Exemption from the tariffs?

Who do these people think they are?

Why don’t they try and push their Chinese communist cars on the chinks, if they love them so much?

Whoops, I guess not, huh?

Under Trump, the companies who collaborate and start bringing jobs back to America will prosper, while those who insist on manufacturing everything in the third world, no matter the cost, will lose millions.

I can only imagine that Ford’s “strategy” is based on the idea that Trump will somehow be impeached, and all his tariffs and trade deals will be reversed.

Their shareholders are in for a rude awakening.