Forcing Us All to Wear a Mask (And Soon Goggles) is a Humiliation Ritual Designed to Break Our Will to Resist

After it was announced that we would soon be required to wear goggles and/or face shields in public at all times, an individual on the Gamer Uprising forum said:

Many even here on this site say the mask hill is not the hill to die on. Of course there are bigger issues coming, but I see no reason to not do all I can to keep the mask off. I, so far, have managed to not wear one. I have found the places: a hardware store, a farm supply store, a gas station, I do online grocery and pick-up, and most importantly I have managed to work from home.

Wearing a mask is humiliating, and people really should probably do their best to avoid it, for the sake of their own basic dignity.

Understand: this is a humiliation ritual, this is a compliance test, this is the establishment attempting to force you to submit, to do something against your will to prove you are a slave. By forcing you to do bizarre things simply because they told you to do them, they are breaking your will. If you don’t stand up against one thing designed to humiliate you, you won’t stand up to the next thing or the thing after that.

The masks moving into goggles proves this: most people who have submitted to wearing a mask will submit to wearing goggles. If they had come right out of the gate and said “mask plus goggles,” most people would not have done either. This is stages of breaking down your will.

Ben Garrison was right again.

On some level, this isn’t going to apply to the readers of this site. You all understand what is going on, so if you’re submitting, you’re doing it knowing full well what it means, and that doesn’t mean your will has been broken. That said, you will feel stronger and more confident in yourself if you don’t wear the mask, or the goggles.

The goggles will take a few months to implement, for sure. Right now, they’re putting the idea out there that people will be safer with them, so that more people will start wearing them voluntarily. Then when enough people are wearing them voluntarily, they will force you to do it.

There is a group of people who believe that Anthony Fauci is a kind of priest or shaman of public safety, and his every word must be followed to the letter to stop 74-year-old black cancer survivors from dying.

The other thing about the phrase “hill to die on” is that you’re not actually going to die for not wearing a mask. Apparently, they have the ability to fine you, though I do not understand under what law they have that ability.

I would avoid wearing it as much as possible if I were you. But do what you have to to survive.