Forced Anal Cake Laws Coming to Northern Ireland

Daily Stormer
February 23, 2020

Northern Ireland was the last bastion of sanity in once-Great Britain.

And now they don’t even have that.

Life Site News:

A politician in Northern Ireland has pointed out that the new law legalizing same-sex “marriage” in the region will not allow civil registrars, hoteliers, florists, and wedding photographers to refuse their services for homosexual “weddings.”

The Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019, the same piece of legislation that introduced new abortion laws into the region, has also legalized same-sex “marriage,” effective from January 13 of this year.

Same-sex “marriage” has been legal in the rest of the U.K. since 2013, but until last month had not been imposed on Northern Ireland.

“Imposed” is the right word for it.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of these creatures working for these Jewish NGOs, sucking normal people’s money in order to make sure that everyone everywhere can kill babies and have buttsex.

And it’s all for your own good, of course…

On January 20 the Northern Ireland Office (NIO), the U.K. Government department responsible for Northern Ireland affairs, launched a public consultation, focusing on questions around the freedom of various groups and individuals to opt out of such ceremonies. Under the new laws, churches and other religious groups will not be compelled to celebrate such “weddings.”

But Northern Ireland politician and Trade Union Voice leader, Jim Allister, has pointed out that paragraph 25 of the consultation “explicitly states that the protections afforded to churches and ministers of religion will not apply to registrars.”

“There is no space for anyone to express an opinion on this in the response form,” Alister said. “Why does the NIO choose to ignore this serious issue which impacts on the civil, religious, human and employment rights of registrars?”

“Here we have a situation where people have taken up the position of registrars under one set of conditions and now those conditions have been radically changed,” Alister continued. “If, as is often claimed, same sex marriage was really about rights, then this issue would have been addressed.”

Alister has also pointed out that paragraph 50 of the consultation states that the legal right to refuse to be involved with such ceremonies “will not apply to service providers that are not religious bodies, such as hoteliers, wedding photographers[,] and florists.”

Alister said that people who refused to provide services for same-sex “marriages” would be stripped of legal protection.

“This is intolerable and wrong but the NIO doesn’t want to know,” he concluded.

I always wondered how much of this forced association is driven by faggots themselves, and how much of it is driven by Jews as a way of societal sabotage.

I think that the majority of faggots don’t really care that there’s some wedding photographer somewhere that doesn’t want to deal with them, or at the least they don’t care enough to actually try and destroy the guy’s life.

I also think that at least a couple of them are starting to understand that this kind of thing will eventually lead to a very nasty backlash against them.

And really, it can’t come soon enough.

The NIO has responded to Alister’s comments, stating, “Civil marriages and partnerships are secular in Northern Ireland and Registrars cannot discriminate against couples on the basis of sexual orientation.”

“Service providers are also required to comply with the relevant equality laws in Northern Ireland,” the statement continued.

“Registrars and service providers are treated in the same way in Northern Ireland as in the rest of the UK. We will make further regulations once we have considered all of the responses to the consultations.”

Someone explain to me how exactly people in Britain have more freedom than people in China.

Because last time I checked, the Chinese government never put anyone in prison for baking crimes.

The issue of whether individuals working in wedding-related services would be forced to be involved in same-sex “weddings” has been contentious around the world. Last year a wedding photographer in Kentucky filed a lawsuit against a Louisville ordinance for trying to force her to lend her services to same-sex “wedding” ceremonies. Earlier in 2019, two calligraphers won a ruling at the Arizona Supreme Court that business owners have the right to choose not to provide certain products to same-sex “weddings.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who declined to create a cake celebrating a same-sex “wedding,” in June 2018. However, it ruled in favor of Phillips on the premise that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission hadn’t treated him fairly, and didn’t definitively settle the question of whether people can be forced to create art celebrating homosexual unions.

After his Supreme Court victory, LGBT activists took Phillips to court again over his refusal to bake a “gender transition” cake.

And if he doesn’t lose this case either, they’re gonna find something else to sue him over.

Because that’s what freedom is all about – getting harassed and sued into an early grave by kike NGOs who live off your own money.