Force Feeding: The Media Doesn’t Care That You Don’t Care About Impeachment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2019

There is a story that the Jews tell about the election of Donald Trump:

The media was getting great ratings from him and they didn’t think it was possible for him to win. So they covered him all the time. Every news site had him at the top of the page; he was the top story on every cable news show. This then led to people psychologically believing he was a viable candidate, simply because he was everywhere all the time, when they otherwise would have dismissed him as a silly novelty candidate.

I think there is probably some truth to all that. It’s also true that the more they heard from Trump, the more they liked him.

The media did a serious bit of reflection after the election, which included an apology from the publisher of the New York Times, and him ultimately stepping down (to be replaced by his son).

The internet monopolies also went into a period of reflection, and leaked emails show that a Google executive said of the election “What happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again?”

This was, as we know, accompanied by mass censorship of independent Trump-supporting creators on the internet. As the longtime reader is aware, this site used to be housed at “,” but that was taken from us by Google.

It appears that their current mindset is simply: “We are monopolies, people don’t have any choice of what media they consume, they will consume what we feed them.”

This what is at the top of Google News at time of writing:

I don’t know anyone who is following this impeachment drama. I am the publisher of a prominent news website, and I am not following it.

There are zero stakes, and everyone knows the stakes are zero. All democrats, all independents and 20 Republicans in the Senate would have to vote to impeach, and that isn’t going to happen. There is no chance, at all.

Furthermore, Trump had every single aspect of his life picked apart during the Mueller Probe, and nothing was found. Meaning that there isn’t anything that could pop up.

Even liberals are tired of all of this. Even if they support it, they are simply bored. And they know as well as the rest of us that nothing is going to happen. During the Russia hoax, Rachel Maddow was telling them every single night that the dam was about to break, Trump was about to be exposed as a Russian agent and sent to prison. She can’t say that about impeachment.

Even with the wall-to-wall coverage in the lead-up, they couldn’t get hardly anyone to watch the opening of the impeachment hearings.

Only 13 million people watched the opening day of the impeachment hearings last November, according to Nielsen ratings. For comparison, 20 million people watched the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford hearings last fall and 19.5 million watched James Comey’s Russia hoax testimony.

After the first numbers came in, a CNN legal analyst literally went on Twitter and ordered people to watch this nonsense.

A virulent yenta from The New York Times scolded people with a “are you not entertained” headline. She even went into detail regarding the 2016 election, when the media made the mistake of allowing viewership numbers to determine what was shown on TV, saying that “the desire for politics to be entertaining” led to the election of Trump.

But here we are, six weeks later, with people caring even less than when it started, and we have even more media saturation.

This is the biggest sign I have seen that we’ve entered an entirely new age of controlled media, where ratings don’t matter – the only thing that matters is the narrative.

Obviously, people would rather be hearing about virtually anything other than this. The Afghanistan Papers were an absolute bombshell, showing that the American taxpayer has been paying for every government vehicle in the country to idle 24 hours a day, and that we’ve spent $20,000,000 on every single soldier in the country.

There are pages upon pages of completely insane stuff. We were hiring the same warlords to protect convoys that were attacking them, and everyone in the military knew that this was happening. It’s fascinating stuff.

But anything is more interesting than this impeachment. Boris Johnson and Brexit are more interesting.

What’s more – and more bizarre – is that the media is using the impeachment to overshadow the Democrat primaries. The media is effectively an arm of the Democrat Party – or rather, both are arms of the Jewish octopus – and they seem to have totally forgotten they’ve got an election coming up. Which further speaks to my theory that they have no intention of winning this upcoming election.