Forbes Journalist: “I Suspect Anti-Immigration ppl of Organising the Cologne Sex Crimes”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2016

Frances Copola
Francis Coppola, defender of immigrants and mocker of rape victims.

Frances Coppola, a Forbes journalist, has come out with an insane conspiracy theory, alleging that the Cologne mass sex attack by Arabs was organized by the right-wing.

In response to someone complaining about how the right-wing would use the attacks for propaganda, she tweeted: “I suspect anti-immigration ppl of organising the Cologne sex crimes. Fastest way of getting borders closed.”


She has since deleted the Tweet, but it has been archived.

The idea that the right-wing was somehow able to organize 1000 Arabs and instruct them to sexually assault hundreds of women is delusional on a level that is virtually incomprehensible. These people live in an alternate reality where it is actually impossible for brown people to ever do anything wrong.

And it is not simply insane, but monumentally insensitive to the women who were attacked. At least one woman was raped, one physically scarred for life by a firecracker thrown inside of her clothing, and Ms. Coppola is laughing in their faces.

Let’s Get Her Fired

Though liberals say outrageous things nonstop, this statement is specifically outrageous in current year because it mocks sexual assault victims, which is something you’re not supposed to do even if you are defending the sacred brown people.

I think we can get her fired.

Here is an example of a letter which can be sent to Forbes:

Dear Forbes Editorial Staff,

I was extremely shocked to find that a contributor to your site, Frances Coppola, recently posted a tweet mocking the victims of the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assault in Cologne, Germany.

Though she has since deleted the tweet following a backlash, archival records show that it read:

“I suspect anti-immigration ppl of organising the Cologne sex crimes. Fastest way of getting borders closed.”

It is archived here:

This is not simply a wacky conspiracy theory, but a slap in the face to the women who were subject to this horrible abuse. One woman was raped, another was permanently deformed by a firecracker thrown inside her clothing, and Frances Coppola wants to protect the perpetrators by insulting the victims.

I am hereby asking that Forbes terminate the employment of this woman, and issue a statement distancing your organization from these statements. The people you employ to inform people represent your organization, and unless you condone these statements, you have a duty to address this.

I understand that you allow your employees a certain degree of freedom in their opinions, but a woman who openly mocks and insults victims of sexual assault has no place in any respectable organization.

Thank you,

Send that, or write your own (be respectful and serious) to the following email address:

Forbes twitter account is @Forbes and their Facebook is here. Both should be spammed with calls to address this issue.

You can also call and complain at 1 (866) 436-7237 or 1 (800) 295-0893 (both are toll-free).

Coppola’s own twitter account is @Frances_Coppola.

You Have a Mission!

Get this out there. Spread it on Twitter, Facebook and the forums.

And send the email. Tweet them.

Our people are getting fired left and right for statements a lot more benign than a mocking of sex assault victims.

This woman losing her job will be a major victory for our side.

Hail Victory.