For Those About to Heal: We Salute You!

If Joe Biden would have hit me up and said “I need you to make an inauguration promotional video for me – the theme is “healing,”” I would have been like “I got you, fam.”

And then I would have hired AC/DC to do a remix of “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” with instead “for those about to heal – we salute you!”

Needless to say – that isn’t what happened.

The inauguration promotional video that Joe Biden did release – entitled “America United: An Inauguration Welcome Event Celebrating America’s Changemakers” – is the single nuttiest, and most ANTI-WHITE thing I’ve ever seen.

I am not even joking when I say this: Joe Biden is not in this video. At all. I will admit that I didn’t watch every single second of it, but I skimmed through the whole sonovabitch, and as far as I was able to see, he makes no appearance. Instead, it is a mishmash of racial undesirables – and it closes out with Kamala Harris giving a speech, as if she is the incoming president.

This is really a look into the kind of future they are planning on forcing down your throat. It is intended to be all of the people that Joe Biden – or, apparently, Kamala Harris – is going to help out as president, and at least 90% of the people in the video are women. Not a single white male appears until 28 minutes into the hour long video.

Here, let’s just go through and summarize what I’ve just witnessed.

It starts out with the sign language woman (who is black), and announces a “Resistance Revival Chorus,” and announces that it is “celebrating America’s Changemakers.”

The leader of that chorus is an obese black woman.

It then shows a whole league of women, most of them various shades of brown, singing with her.

It’s just all women.

I mean, I guess it’s a “women’s chorus.”

But the rest of the video continues, only showing women.

This Mexican woman is some kind of leader figure, because they keep showing her. I don’t know who she is, but she’s some kind of Harris official.

This is the first male featured in the video:

And the second:

I think that’s a male.

Of the hundreds and hundreds of people in this film, this was one of only three white males that I saw:

He was talking about unions.

These other two look Jewish, frankly:

But frankly, even black males were few and far between.

I saw this guy:

And this nigga here:

Then – and I just can’t stress enough how bizarre this is – the video ends with not Joe Biden, but with Kamala Harris announcing that “our journey of transformation is just beginning” or some such generic communist gibberish.

If anyone who didn’t know the context watched this video, they would think that it was some kind of announcement that women had taken over society, that Kamala Harris is their leader, and that they are going to replace men in all positions of power.

Of course, that’s basically what the message was intended to be.

However, we are well aware that the overwhelming majority of key appointments have not been women, or colored people, but Jews.

This is a veneer of a brown female takeover of society.

It’s actually just that you’re going to be more controlled by Jews than ever before, with some satanic Hindu bitch on TV telling you you’re evil for being white, and you have to give all your money and personal possessions to brown people.

America is a country completely controlled by Jews. These brown people and women matter as much to them as orcs matter to Sauron. These creatures are being used as a savage army to tear apart the thing that Jews hate the most: White Male Christians, and the civilization that we built.

So look at those pictures, and skim through that video and understand: this is who Jews are putting in charge of you.

You have been declared evil. You have been declared terrorists.

They are planning to force you to submit to these monstrous women as a way to humiliate and dehumanize you.

My advice:

Never surrender. 

If we go down, we’re going down fighting.

To the last man.