“For Conservative Media Outlets Who Don’t Speak Out Because They Don’t Like Infowars, We Have a Message for You – You’re Next”

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018

As far as I can tell, “Communist Chinese” is the new euphemism for the eternal, unnamable Jew.

Jones basically goes down a list of everyone who has banned him – Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify – and says “Communist Chinese” immediately after naming each Jew-controlled organization.

He thought he could name the Moslem, name the Communist – name the faggot (at least they said he did sodomphobic / AIDSphobic hate speech but I haven’t checked) and not name the Jew, and he’d be fine.

Well, he’s got a lot less to lose.

He’s one Twitter purge, domain seizure, and credit card service denial away from growing-up into a real man.



For conservative media outlets who don’t speak out because they don’t like Infowars, we have a message for you – you’re next.

Facebook banned Infowars after lobbying by both CNN and Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL). This isn’t “just a private company,” this is brazen political censorship.

This is the outcome of the left refusing to debate their ideas and simply no platforming their adversaries instead.

lol at “no platforming.”

It’s deplatforming.

They’ll get better at this, I guess – whether they like it or not.

This is the modern day electronic equivalent of book burning.

This is throwing dissidents in the Big Tech gulag because their voices were becoming too loud and having too much influence.

This is the purge. This is election meddling and COLLUSION.

It will only intensify unless lawmakers act now to introduce a Digital Bill of Rights and treat social media giants as telecommunications companies who are forbidden by law from discriminating against people and media outlets based on their political opinions.

Wow, I just managed to read half of an Infowars article, and every single line made sense and was not silly.

The funny thing is… this is all the exact same stuff that Anglin said almost a year ago to the day.

On the day of the Great Shuttening, when the Daily Stormer lost its domain and all other services in one day in an unprecedented attack on free speech by tech companies colluding with one another, I remember checking to see if anyone on Jones’ team would even defend free speech as a general concept.

Naturally, he rushed to inform his audience that Unite the Right was part of the deep state conspiracy:

The Charlottesville event was a planned act of “agitprop”, or Agitation Propaganda, designed to stir up the populous and turn us against each other so the deep state can enter and take us all down.

Aside from that, Alex Jones never even bothered to mention it, though they did have the courtesy to repost “9 Reasons Nazism Should Be Kept Out Of The Masculine Right” in the wake of the shuttening.

Thanks, Alex.

But, I mean – “Nazis” and “The Deep State” and “Conspiracy” have to go into his headlines at least once a week, so I guess this was just the way he did it that week.

There was at least one article on his site, a repost from Zero Hedge, which mentioned the Electronic Frontier Foundation standing up for our free speech as part of everyone’s free speech.

Alex didn’t mention the situation on his show, or on his Twitter account.

It would certainly have been a good place to hold the line.

Tucker Carlson said it was a good place to hold the line, doing not one, not two, but THREE segments on the Stormer shutdown.

Well, Mr. Jones.

I’m sure your thoughts on free speech have evolved since then.

You decided to let us drown, but we’re not going to do that to you – not only because we’re better than that, not only because this is AMERICA and you can say whatever you want on the internet – but because, I mean, look at these vultures who are swarming in to jump up and down on the corpse of your lost traffic.

I hate these people.

I hate these people so much.

Now, look – I’m not saying I want Alex’s domains to be seized, and to see him cut off of all payment services, and basically see him get Daily Stormer’d. But, from where I’m sitting, I see a nonzero chance of this happening within a few weeks.

The model for a complete shutdown already exists, it was used on us, and they have initiated the same process against Jones. They are already taking down any attempt to reupload videos of him talking about this situation, so seizing his financial access and his domain itself is the next obvious move.

His domain is registered on a major corporate registrar.

He’s using Cloudflare.

The people celebrating the mass banning from all social media are going to be calling for this next step in the “unpersoning” process.

And, I have to come clean – I would be grinning from ear to ear if that happened.

Maybe that’s wrong, but, I’m not gonna lie to you, folks. I know how I would react.

It’s nothing personal against him, it’s just – as long as we’re le ebil censored nazis, and we’re alone in that category, it’s almost a meaningful, non-arbitrary distinction.

We’ve been saying for a while that no, we are not genocidal maniacs (though the infiltrators do need to get rounded-up with net guns and sent back), we are just normal patriots who believe what our great-grandfathers believed and want to protect the lands that they fought to leave to us.

But, by kicking us out, and leaving everyone else in, it makes it harder to communicate that we are just normal patriots who are young and like to meme.

The more people become deplatformed, the less meaningful of a distinction it becomes.

One part of this is that I’m an accelerationist at heart. I can see this whole thing going off the rails, and I just want to get it over with ASAP so we can move onto the next, more glorious stage of history.

But, the other thing is, you know…

When everyone’s a super ebil censored nazi…