Football is Finished: Zulu Savages Gloat Over Cop Killings During High School Half-Time Show

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

Long, long overdue, I say.

The NFL’s anti-White negro shenanigans are starting to seep down into the other levels of football.

I haven’t ever heard of it making it’s way all the way down to the high school level, but here it is, see for yourself.


A grieving Mississippi community is outraged after a visiting high school team’s halftime show portrayed students holding a SWAT team at gunpoint. It comes a week after two police officers in the town were killed while on duty.

The shockingly insensitive skit occurred when Forest Hill High School visited Brookhaven High School for a game on Friday night in the US state of Mississippi.

Images from the show surfacing on social media portray members of Forest Hill’s band dressed up as doctors and nurses while several of them are armed with toy guns.

Other students, dressed as police officers, lie on the ground facing their armed bandmates with their hands up.

While discussions in the US around guns in high schools and many shootings are polarizing topics at the best of times, residents of Brookhaven were especially outraged as the skit comes just days after the funerals of two police officers recently killed in the line of duty.

Photos from the halftime show have been shared thousands of times on social media sites like Facebook, with thousands more expressing their shock and disgust at the stunt without any apparent desire for context.

So yeah, it’s basically a voodoo ritual.

They’re ritually dismembering their enemies – White cops.

Like the Zulu doing a war dance or something similar before battle.

You gotta wonder what White people watching this are thinking.

Their enemy is putting on war paint, doing its war dance and openly talking about how they want to start killing…

I think people are sitting up and taking notice.

It’s hard not to.

Football has just become one long African tribal war dance. 

No wonder a lot of Americans are just not feeling comfortable about it anymore. Getting ready to hold down the fort instead.