Footage Released of Julian Assange Inside Maximum Security British Prison

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

RT has obtained footage of dissident journalist Julian Assange inside of Belmarsh MAXIMUM SECURITY prison in Britain.

He does not look well. He has visibly lost weight.

We don’t know when the footage is from. The timestamp on the video says “2017/07/07” – but that is definitely not when it is from. It is probably, however, before he was taken to the hospital, which happened probably on May 28 or 29. We don’t even know if he is out of the hospital. Reports were that he couldn’t even talk.

The video features his shitty cell.

At least, it is assumed that this is his cell.

At this point, it looks like he may die before he is ever extradited. I’m sure that is what the Trump administration would probably prefer.

If he isn’t being tortured – and the video indicates that he isn’t, as he’s socializing with the other inmates – then he must be being poisoned, because there is no other explanation for why he would be in the hospital unable to talk.

But we don’t have any idea what is going on.

And yet somehow, we’re told that Britain is a free country. While Russia is a bad evil country that arrests dissident journalists simply for selling drugs.


A Russian investigative journalist, Ivan Golunov, has been arrested in the capital Moscow and charged with trying to illegally sell drugs.

He was taken to hospital, police sources say, after saying he was ill while unofficial reports suggest he was injured while being detained.

The reporter for Latvia-based news site Meduza was arrested on Thursday.

His lawyer says drugs were planted on him, an accusation the Russian authorities deny.

Meduza says Mr Golunov, 36, is being “being persecuted because of his journalistic activity”.


Just imagine the BBC – owned by the British government – complaining that Russia persecutes journalists, while they hold the most famous and influential dissident journalist on earth in a shitty cell for the crime of doing journalism.

Even if you believe that the evil Russians planted drugs on this journalist – the British don’t even bother to do that! They just arrest journalists because the Trump administration told them to!