Footage Emerges of Alleged Pederast Matt Gaetz Calling “Black Son” His “Helper”

Amidst a brewing pederastic gay sex scandal, video has emerged of alleged pederast Matt Gaetz referring to the Cuban boy he has kept in his house since the boy was 12 as his “helper.”

The scandal began when Gaetz got in an argument with a black guy in Congress. The black told him that he had no right to speak about black issues, because he didn’t have to worry about his black son being killed by racist cops. Gaetz then revealed that he has a black son.

As I wrote about on Sunday, the story was then unveiled, and the “black” son is actually a Cuban boy who he “adopted” when he was 31 and the boy was 12.

Gaetz told that the boy, Nestor Galban, arrived in the US from Cuba at age 12. Galban’s mother died of breast cancer in Cuba, he claims. Gaetz says that he dated Galban’s older sister, though no photographs were offered to confirm this (photographs wouldn’t prove anything of course, but it would be better than nothing). He said the boy “has basically lived with” him for the past six years. Gaetz admitted that he has not formally adopted Galban.

“He is a part of my family story,” Gaetz told People. “My work with Nestor, our family, no element of my public service could compare to the joy that our family has brought me.”

That certainly sounds gay to me. It’s an open and shut case of pure homosexualism, in my personal view. Instead of the disappearing girlfriend/sister story, one would imagine it more likely that he went to a poor Cuban family, and targeted a boy who was already displaying homosexual tendencies, telling the family he would take care of him.

The little (presumed) gay-boy responded to criticism of his secret daddy by saying that he wanted to be kept out of the spotlight.

Well, no other politicians’ kids are in the spotlight, unless the politician makes that decision. If Gaetz had been public about the fact that he was living with this boy, he would simply have been able to use him over the years as an “I’m not racist” prop. The obvious reason he would keep it secret is because it is illegal to do anal on a 12-year-old boy. Now, the boy is over 18, and if someone investigates and finds Gaetz to be ramming his penis into the boy’s anus, he can say “oh well, we only started doing this recently…”

Liberals are suggesting that homosexualism is afoot. But thus far, the media has refused to go all in on questioning the true nature of this relationship, which is clearly (in my opinion) homosexual and pederastic.

Instead, the media is focusing on conspiracy theories that he hasn’t really “raised” this boy since he was 12. Those theories are easily disproved by a series of creepy photographs given by Gaetz to people, including one where Gaetz is dressed up like Santa.

You can picture the sexual roleplaying that took place that night – “have you been a naughty boy? Yeah, you’ve been real naughty, haven’t you, yeah…”

Disgusting. Purely disgusting.

In another photo, featuring Gaetz and the Cuban boy shooting bows with a third homosexual, we can see that Gaetz is a repulsive softbody with a hunched back.

He looks like every gross fat kid from high school. The leisure suit is designed to cover up things that the t-shirt cannot. This is why real men wear t-shirts at least 60% of the time – so that other men can notice that they are not repulsive in bodily form, and thus worthy of trust.

Would you trust a creature with the hunched, fat, villainous form of Gaetz? No, of course no one would trust such a being. They would not trust him to run their government, they would not trust him to care for a 12-year-old boy. Unless of course the boy had already displayed homosexualism and the Cuban family was simply trying to get rid of him.

Further evidence comes in the fact that Gaetz has identical physiognomy to the pederastic serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a homosexual who would dress up like a clown, kidnap small boys for sex, murder them and bury them in the crawlspace of his house.

If the media and the Democrats actually cared about stopping Matt Gaetz, they would ask him why he looks like this guy. They would ask him many questions about his twisted relations with this Cuban boy.

But no.

They’re not interested.

Because Gaetz is not politically a threat to anyone, and they do not want anyone looking into the fact that virtually everyone in Congress is a sex pervert.