Foolish Whites and Wicked Jews

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2013

19th Century Abolitionist Meeting
19th Century Abolitionist Meeting

Philo-semitic white nationalists try to argue that liberalism is a result of developments within white European civilization, and that Jews, although certainly involved in the spread of liberalism, are not primarily responsible for it.  Therefore, they claim, the Jews should not be blamed for our current problems, and could even be considered potential allies.  However, if one considers the wider scope of Western history and the rapid and persistent growth of complete moral and racial degeneracy in the 20th century, it becomes clear that the Jew is indeed our main enemy.  Foolish whites may have developed destructive ideas at times throughout our history, but once their destructiveness became widely known, these ideas were rejected by the majority of our people. It is the wicked Jews who, after gaining control of our culture in the 20th century, put us on the path towards complete annihilation.

Those who deny the Jewish role in the decline of the West often point out that there were many degenerate, anti-white tendencies in our societies before they were controlled by Jews.  For example, in the 19th century many New England preachers and intellectuals were fervent abolitionists who brought about the slaughter of thousands of Southern whites in the name of “equality”.  In his recent appearance on World View Conversations, historian Thomas Goodrich pointed out that many of these same New Englanders taught that the Indians were “noble savages” who should be greeted with open arms.  In both cases the delusion of racial equality led to tragic results, as liberated blacks and Indians acted savagely against whites who were not prepared to defend themselves.  These deluded egalitarians may be similar to modern day multiculturalists in some respects, but there is a very important point to note: despite the problems caused by 19th century egalitarians, they did not derail white Western civilization or seriously threaten its advancement.  While some whites believed the myth of the noble savage, the myth was not strong enough to prevent whites from completely conquering the Indians and dominating the North American continent.  While the abolitionist movement did bring about the destruction of Southern slavery, up until the mid-20th century American whites understood perfectly well that blacks are inferior, and enacted legal measures to prevent any  mixture between the two races.  19th century gentile egalitarianism was destructive, but it did not ultimately do anything to threaten the survival of the white race either in Europe or the New World.  This egalitarian ideology was not powerful enough to trick the majority of whites into accepting beliefs that clearly clashed with reality: once it became obvious to white pioneers that the Indians were indeed savages, they abandoned their false views, and once it became obvious that free blacks could not act like whites, blacks were officially made second class citizens.  It was only after the Jews gained complete dominance of our culture in the 20th century that suicidal egalitarianism became widely and permanently accepted.

Over the decades since the “civil rights” movement we have seen the failure of black rule in Detroit and every other major city where they have taken over, but the media and academia, because they are controlled by Jews, deny that black failure is due to racial differences.  This official line of racial equality promoted by the Jews is so powerful that it suppresses the direct perception of reality.  While in some cases white people will change their opinion on race after negative first-hand experience, it also often happens that whites will maintain liberal views even after personally being brutalized or witnessing the disintegration of their own communities. The Jew has an overwhelming power over our thoughts and feelings through the control of the media, and the false reality presented in movies and television blocks out the reality of our own experience and causes us to continue to support policies that are obviously causing us harm.  Most whites wish to do what is best for their own communities, and will change their opinions if they are allowed to realize how destructive their current trajectory is.  The truth is that blacks simply cannot function within our societies, but the Jews do not allow whites to recognize this truth.  Utopianism–the false belief that human nature can be perfected in this life and that all men can live together in peace–has its natural appeal and has therefore cropped up throughout history, but in all cases its spread has been modest and short-lived because its tenets are clearly shown to be false as soon as they are put into action.  We are living in what is likely the only period of history when Utopian ideals are held on to despite their hellish results, and this is due exclusively to Jewish control.

Some might argue that 19th century egalitarianism was simply a less corrosive precursor of 20th century multiculturalism, the latter being a natural development of the former, a development that would have occurred even without Jewish influence. Against this view I point out that American racial attitudes did not slowly become more liberal from the 1860s onwards. Quite the opposite, as the early 20th century saw the rise of scientific racialism and eugenics. At the peak of their popularity in the 1920s, scientific racialism and eugenics were widely promoted by leading politicians and professors at top universities. Americans in the 1920s were likely more racially aware than they had been during any prior period, and yet by the 1950s the American intellectual elite had completely embraced desegregation and the legalization of race mixing.  This total reversal can only be explained by the explosive growth of Jewish power during this short period.  In the space of just a few decades Jewish Marxism and Boasian anthropology completely came to dominate academia, while at the same time Jew-controlled Hollywood became the undisputed master of world-wide popular culture.

Another argument used by philo-semites is that Enlightenment philosophy and the industrial revolution led to problems in Western civilization much deeper than the race issue.  They argue that the loss of a traditional and spiritual view of the world is what made us so susceptible to the false ideologies of modernism in the first place, and therefore the Jews are not at the root of our problems. While I do agree with this view in many respects, we must not forget that the Jews have been directly responsible for preventing us from responding to the challenges of modernism.
The most serious problems caused by Enlightenment philosophy and the industrial revolution are:

-the power of mass media to influence opinion
-the dominance of usury and finance capitalism
-the abuses of the factory system and mass production
-late marriages and lower birth rates, due to financial difficulties and the promotion of sexual promiscuity
-a materialistic view of success and wellbeing

All of these problems were directly and successfully dealt with by the Fascist movements of the 1930s (here am I using the term “Fascism” to refer to the movements of Mussolini, Hitler, Codreanu, Mosley, etc.). Throughout the 19th century numerous thinkers, such as Thomas Carlyle, John Ruskin, and William Morris, critiqued modernism and argued for a return to a traditional, folkish way of life.  With Fascism these folkish theories were put into practice, creating societies that were technologically advanced but traditional in their values.  Less than 150 years after the Enlightenment-inspired nightmare of the French Revolution, Western civilization had arrived at a solution to the problems of modernity. Traditionalists might debate the merits of particular Fascist programs or opinions, but it is undeniable that fascism represented a move away from Enlightenment materialism and capitalism.  In the 1930s Fascist movements were developing in nearly every European country, and with the stunning success of Fascism in Italy and Germany, there is little doubt that the entire white world would have adopted this powerful and healthy ideology.  White men and women were once again living lives in accordance with the eternal standards of beauty and goodness, but this new flowering of European mankind was directly and violently suppressed by the Jews.  It took the combined force of the United States and Russia to defeat the Axis powers, and had it not been for the Jewish Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the Jewish dominance of American media and finance these two great nations would not have engaged in such a destructive and useless war.

The Jews could not stand to see the world of life and light being built by Fascism, a world that rewarded virtue and honest work and ruthlessly punished vice and parasitism.  Without the Jews, we still would have endured Enlightenment philosophy, the industrial revolution and egalitarianism, but these problems would have been corrected within a few short centuries, centuries which would be seen as a tumultuous, but brief, transitional period.  But with the Jewish takeover of our culture, whites have been rendered incapable of adopting rational solutions to our problems, and for the first time in our history we are facing complete moral depravity and biological extinction.