Food Facts: Ranch Dressing is Made of Soy Because Everything is Made of Soy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2019

I have never been a fan of ranch dressing. I don’t eat salads very often, and when I do, I maybe use some balsamic vinegar or olive oil, but the thick sauces are not my thing.

I saw some non-Americans (infidels) discussing ranch dressing, and one pretentious German snob said “it’s made of buttermilk and yogurt, typical fat American food.”

I said to myself “that doesn’t sound like fat people food – buttermilk and yogurt should be okay to eat.”

So I looked up the ingredients, and ranch dressing is almost entirely made out of soy.

For those who don’t know, soy is a product known to disrupt the hormonal system, and causes men to have a rise in estrogen levels. Men with rising estrogen levels begin to display feminine behavior, which includes emotionality, sentimentality, gossiping and bitch-fighting, losing muscle mass, getting fat and believing in communism/leftism. A fully estrogenized man may become a homosexual or a tranny.

The Walmart website has the ingredients of all its food on it, and I’ve just been clicking around – I honestly didn’t realize just how bad so-called “food” in packages actually is.

Here’s Walmart’s brand of ranch:

Here’s Hidden Valley:


And this is standard.

Anything that you think you know what it is made of is actually made of soy, unless you’re buying it at an organic grocery store or making it yourself.

This is Soy Nation, Soy Supreme.

The “Soyboy” meme is actually true. People think that it just means that people are drinking soy milk because they’re vegans, but the actual meme is that everyone is eating soy all the time, even macho truck drivers with their ranch dressing – and this is why they’re all having gay sex in truck stop bathrooms now!

This is also why some nations – such as Russia or Islamic countries – have men that seem more masculine. They’re eating at home more, eating more natural foods.

Basically, an entire biological engineering program is being run on the entire populations of Western countries through the system of processed food.

Seriously, guys: you have to stop eating all of this shit.

I haven’t eaten processed food or lived in America for years, and when I was there I either cooked my food or went to the natural grocery store.

Again: I did not know how bad it really was.

Let’s just click some random products from the Walmart website, shall we?

Remember that the first ingredient listed is the main ingredient, which in most products is 75+% of the total content of the product.

Miracle Whip:


Kraft Real Mayo:

It’s called “real mayo” – but this isn’t real mayo, this is fake mayo. It is an approximation of mayonnaise made out of soy and chemicals.

The “real” thing is a theme. They advertise these things as “real.” They also say “natural” and “no artificial flavors.” But it would be healthier to be eating pure artificial flavoring than to eat pure soy.

We also still see these “fat free” labels, which isn’t even a plus.

Fat is one of the most important things you can eat. But fat people are so stupid because they have fat in their brains that they think eating fat causes the body to become fat, so they buy things with a “fat free” label on them in a futile effort to free themselves from their fat.

Crisco used to advertise that it was “safer than butter” – !!!! Butter is one of the healthiest things you can eat!

It was only in the year 1990 that the government started forcing these companies to put ingredient labels on their food – I’m sure that Charlie Kirk and the kikeservative squad would have gone into fits over the government regulating anything, if libertarianism had been popular back then. Just like these shills claim that libertarianism is more important than the First Amendment, and claim that tech companies should be allowed to silence Nazis and Donald Trump supporters, they would no doubt claim that libertarianism is more important than making it so people are able to prevent multinational corporations from turning them into mutant freaks.

Seriously guys – this has gone completely insane. Western man is being turned into a freakish mutant race, bioengineered by chemicals – mostly in the food!

I live in Nigeria and rarely see Western people. But I can immediately tell the difference between Americans/British/Australian/etc. and Eastern Europeans – because the Westerners all look like mutated freaks! All of these men have big ol’ swinging titties! Even the ones that aren’t fat!

And it’s doing the same thing to the women. Hormonal disruption is hormonal disruption. But the women are almost worse because they are taking estrogen pills in the form of “birth control.”

I recently pointed out that the dead hooker MacKenzie Leuck is fat as all hell – look at this:

And people started telling me she isn’t fat!

Globs of lard hanging off her sides like bean bags – while she’s raising her arms up to try to distort the fat placement!

And yet she has no ass, because her body isn’t properly chemically wired and is storing fat in the wrong places.

I see people with fat on their backs, like they’re growing hunches! There is simply no biological reason that a human body would be storing fat on its back. Western men are mutating into a new species!

This is the only context in which the mass homosexualization and trannyization of the population makes sense – we’re getting to the point where our hormones are so disrupted that gender really is “fluid.” And it is also the only context in which the population accepting everything that Jews do to us makes sense.

More and more, I am believing that the core of our social ills is a plain and simple matter of our degenerating biology, and that the only people who are going to make it out of this are people who make much better decisions about health and fitness.