Food Additives Could Make You Lazy and Hurt Your Ability to Burn Fat, Research Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered what some of the things added to modern “food” do to your body?

Here’s what some researchers who looked into some of those additive found.

CBS Dallas:

Researchers at UT-Southwestern are looking at long-term effects of food additives and preservatives.

The research focuses on inorganic phosphates, which are added to foods like cereals, packaged snacks and sodas.

“Inorganic phosphates are added to foods help preserve color, freshness, taste and texture,” Dr. Lona Sandon, Assistant Professor at UT-Southwestern’s Clinical Nutrition Department told CBS 11.

These synthetic phosphates, like other food additives, are FDA approved and considered safe to eat, but researchers like Dr. Lona Sandon say researchers don’t really know its long term effects.

In a study published in the journal Circulation, the team found mice eating foods high in inorganic phosphates became less active.

They were less active, ate more food and their ability to burn fat decreased according to the study’s senior author Dr. Wanpen Vongpatanasin.

“That is suggesting that phosphate additives can actually reduce fitness and make our body age for ten years without doing anything wrong other than taking those additives,” Dr. Vongpatanasin said.

The team also analyzed data from participants in a heart study and saw similar results in humans.

Most of the things inside modern “food” are not there for your benefit but to improve the product’s financial viability. Most of those things are tested just enough to know if they’ll make someone drop dead after eating them in the quantities normally found in food products, and we don’t really know about the long-term consequences of ingesting them.

We also don’t know about the more subtle consequences of eating that stuff.

Anything in a box, a plastic jar or a can is going to have a list of strange ingredients you probably can’t pronounce, let alone recognize.

Mental fog, fatigue, feeling burdened, depression and anxiety are all just examples of things that would be hard to associate with these substances, but which these substances could be causing.

What if the effects are cumulative?

What if the effects can only be noticed after some months of eating the stuff?

They don’t care.

The modern world is attacking you.

You have to reject modernity’s traps.

Eat like your ancestors did. Eat the things they would have instantly recognized as food.

There’s just too many of these additives to count and research, and you’d be better off eating whole foods anyway, so why waste time figuring out which ones are likely to be safe when you can focus on more productive things? Just eat like your great-grandfathers ate and focus on conquest.

We have lots of fights ahead of us.

Take care of your body. You’ll need it.