Following the Disgusting Display in Virginia, We Can Hopefully Stop Hearing About Impending Violent Revolution

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2020

“From my cold, dead sausage fingers…!”

When I turned on the streams on Monday to watch the Second Amendment rally in Virginia, I thought that I would be seeing a nightmare bloodbath, and I didn’t. That is something we can all be thankful for. I did, however, witness another kind of nightmare in seeing the absolute state of the people who are supposed to be the frontline civilian defenders of freedom in America. On the whole, these were pathetic, gross people, who could not possibly pose any threat to anyone, no matter how well armed they are.

Firstly, the majority of these people were fat.

I simply do not have any respect for fat people, nor do I take seriously anything they do or say. Fatness is disgusting and it is anti-social. What it demonstrates to the world is that you have no self-control, and you are so weak that you aren’t bothered by parading your lack of self-control to the entire world, everywhere you go. An alcoholic will have the decency to try to mask the smell of alcohol on his breath, but a fat person is so low that they have no shame left.

Secondly, these people were promoting the value system of the globalist, homosexual, mommy-run international establishment.

At least half – I do not exaggerate – of the signs I saw people carrying were about fighting racism.

(Just in case it’s not as obvious to you as it is to me, let me spell it out: “Racist,” “Nazi” and “KKK” all mean “white.” What they are effectively saying with these signs is that Governor Northam can’t call them white because he’s also white.)

Feminism and homosexuality were also promoted.

As well as other things that were simply disgusting, such as a fat man holding up a picture of himself pinching his own nipples.

And a woman with a sign saying that married gays should be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns.

And of course: democracy for Hong Kong.

I found myself asking: what are these people doing with these guns? The purpose of a gun is to kill people. In order to be killing people, you generally have to have an agenda. What is their agenda? Apparently, their agenda is to use their guns to protect their guns?

They also may be inclined to use their guns to fight Nazism, from what I saw.

Fascism as well.

Everyone I see on the right talking about this rally is focusing on the anti-racism, and just how important that seems to be to these people. And I agree that this is shocking and disturbing.

But there is a point I want to get across: race would not have to be the central focus of a struggle in America. It would have to be a part of it. But any core concept could be the focus: Christianity or defense of the family, for example.

What we are dealing with at this rally however is people who will not protest transsexual story time at the library. They won’t protest that – just like they won’t protest against the destruction of the white race – because they have no clear conception of anything which is sacred and thus in need of defending. Protecting. Conserving.

Their souls are as ravaged by modernity as their repulsive fat bodies.

So they have fetishized guns, to replace a belief in something sacred.

The extent of the anti-racism is not only shocking on its face – the face of it being that the most beaten down people in the country would feel the need to aggressively grovel and beg not to be called oppressors. It is also shocking that these people are unable to connect the “anti-racist” agenda with the recent gun control laws passed in Virginia.

Virginia used to be a red state. It is no longer a red state because the Commonwealth was flooded with immigrants, who vote Democrat by a massive margin. These Democrat politicians pushing gun control were elected by the population of Virginia, which is becoming more and more brown every year.

The protesters were saying that the laws are Unconstitutional, but the laws that Virginia passed are the same as those of other states, some of which the Supreme Court has already ruled to be Constitutional. You can review District of Columbia v. Heller if you want to understand more; it’s the one that is generally cited when these laws are passed. The Supreme Court is the national standard for what is and isn’t Constitutional. The governor of Virginia has no say in which gun laws are or are not legal for a state government to pass, and all he is doing is what he was elected to do.

The bottom line is that if the citizens of Virginia had been a little bit more “racist,” and prevented some of this mass migration of nonwhite foreigners into their state, these gun laws would not be coming at them like this.

The other half of the voter base of the Democrat Party is single white women. And if boomers had done something – anything at all – to defend the family in this country, we wouldn’t have so many of those running around.

But instead, they’re promoting feminism at their gun rally, right along with anti-racism.

This whole thing can be framed as “playing by the enemies’ rules,” viz., “these people were told that racism and sexism and homophobia were bad, so they’re saying they oppose those things.” But the fact is if they had any actual way of life or ideal way of being to defend, they wouldn’t automatically adopt the talking points of their enemies. This is the behavior of the extremely confused. Ultimately, I think this can all be put down to the collapse of Christianity in America.

Away from God, people become fat, disgusting shadows of men, dressing up in action man costumes and marching through the streets talking about fighting racism.

I Hope We Can Forget About the Uprising Now

After that scene on Monday, I think it would be fair enough to permanently do away with the idea that there are “salt of the earth” Americans somewhere who are going to rise up and overthrow the government in some type of reddit meme revolution.

If the obese anti-racists from the Richmond rally were all organized into an army, how well do you think they would do against the US military?

More importantly: how many of these people who cannot control the amount of donuts they stuff into their faces, who apparently have no belief system whatsoever, would actually fight against the government?

Just estimate in your head:

What percentage of that crowd would fire on cops that came to confiscate their guns?

What percentage would leave their homes with a bug out bag and hide in the woods, engaging in guerrilla warfare against the National Guard?

Conversely, what percentage would happily give their daughter to a black man or put an “I’m proud of my gay son” bumpersticker on their super big pick-up truck?

What percentage would let the based black guys at the rally sleep with their wives if they were asked?

If these people ever presented a problem, the government could simply claim that it was racist to not turn your guns in, and that would be checkmate.

I’m sure it was a nice fantasy to entertain the idea that the “salt of the earth” would soon rise up and declare war on the oppressive US government. I have always been critical of people who engaged in such fantasies, and considered them delusional or stupid. However, anyone who goes around talking about stuff like that after seeing their “revolutionary army” on the march deserves to be mocked relentlessly.

There is no easy solution to our problems. There is no one event that will change the direction of society. There will not be any miracles, so stop waiting for one.

If we’re going to change this society, we’re going to have to do it the same way that everyone who has ever changed a society has done it, and that is by generations of struggle. That is the big boy reality of the situation.

The first step is to engage the system itself by getting involved in politics and using them to promote a right-wing agenda, which involves health and fitness, awareness of the effects of race on society, family values and Christianity. That does not mean that you will take over the government, but it does mean that you will be well positioned to plant the seeds and get people on-board with your agenda. If we have enough people in these kinds of positions, and enough people supporting our people in these positions, it will allow us to start pushing for things when the federal government starts to weaken in the coming decades.

At this point, we basically need a new population if we’re going to get anywhere, so we should be targeting young people. We should be teaching people how to be healthy, family-oriented, drug-free Christians.

Because an army of fat anti-racists with AR-15s with a bunch of bling on them are not ever going to be of any use to anyone.