Following Terrorist Attack, Sweden Holds Vigil Against Racism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2017

So after a terrorist attack, you expect there to be vigils. I’ve sort of mocked these as impotent gestures, but I can see as how they could potentially help a community in mourning after an attack such as Friday’s attack in Stockholm.

So, when someone linked me to a Facebook page for a vigil in Sweden, I was like “meh, whatever. I think it’s sentimental crap, but the women get something out of it.”

But then.

Oh, but then.

I read the description of the event:

Due to the suspected terror attack in Stockholm during the friday afternoon we’re gathering everybody in Umeå who wants to stand up against violence. We manifest against the racism and hatred that grows in the footsteps of the violence, and for humanity. Come and show your support. Help us spread this event. More information about speakers, music etc. will come.

So, the purpose of the event is not so much to memorialize the victims – which include a brave dog, by the way – but to hope that the fact that there were victims doesn’t hurt the Islamic community.

That is some super-cuckoldry there.

I can’t even grasp it, cucking at that volume.