Following My Condemnation, Neo-Nazi White Knights Snap

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2020

This is literally how neo-Nazis view themselves

A lot of people read my essay yesterday breaking down the claims of neo-Nazi white knights with regards to Harvey Weinstein. So these people had a revolt on their hands, as people asked why they were promoting Jewish gender theory.

The feminists went nuts and started saying that Andrew Anglin is funded by Jews to “run cover” for Harvey Weinstein.

What does that mean? “Run cover” is an antiquated idiom, and I don’t know what it means. Does it mean that Jews will let Harvey Weinstein out of prison because I showed that it was a hoax?

The entire media apparatus has been calling Harvey Weinstein a rapist for two years. The idea that it is important for the right-wing alternative media to join the chorus and fight against Harvey is utterly nonsensical.

But these people are saying that I’m a Jewish shill! And trying to cover up the influence of Jews! Me!

Imagine that you have one Jew, Harvey Weinstein, and then all Jews – the entire media, the entire feminist lobby, the entire university system, the government of New York – and it is considered “supporting Jews” to say “actually, saying that Harvey Weinstein raped his girlfriend and then dated her for five years after the rape is insane, and a lot of white guys who didn’t do anything wrong are going to end up in prison over this.”

Neo-Nazi “gender power dynamics” theorists are having completely histrionic meltdowns all over Twitter.

And elsewhere – defending women who had sex with Harvey Weinstein to become Hollywood stars is now the #1 agenda of the neo-Nazi movement.

They are saying straight up that you cannot be opposed to sluts without defending Harvey Weinstein.


These neo-Nazis are like bots!

“Please stop pointing out that I’m defending the most filthy whores on earth – instead let’s talk more about Coronavirus!

This isn’t about Weinstein. It definitely isn’t about Jews – other than the entire army of feminist Jews and Jew lawyers and the Jew media that these neo-Nazis are defending!

Attempting to equate being against a rape hoax to “defending a Jew” is such low-IQ, railroad tunnel brain tripe that it really is impossible to believe that these people actually believe what they’re saying.

The fact that Harvey Weinstein is a Jew is only relevant insofar as they needed someone really, really ugly to set this precedent.

Defending women who had sex with this man to advance their careers is the absolute most vile thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

If these people will believe women that had voluntary sex with that monster, they will literally “believe all women.” And that is what they are saying: “you have to believe all women.”

How is this even possible? Aren’t neo-Nazis supposed to be “right wing”? But they’re promoting a leftist feminist position that even ten years ago would have been considered too extreme for the extreme left – this idea that it is impossible for any woman to ever tell a lie, due to their fundamental moral purity as owners of vaginas?

The idea that I am “defending Harvey Weinstein” is just a dumb hoax that people are promoting as a means to try and trick men into supporting the kooky extremist Marxist-feminist agenda of the neo-Nazi movement.

Harvey Weinstein was a Hollywood mogul who was allowing women to become movie stars in exchange for having sex with him. Is that immoral? I think most Christians would view that as immoral. Is it worse than anything else sexual that is going on in our present social paradigm? Not really, no.

I’m told that these are the new talking points being used by the neo-Nazi feminists in the wake of my magnum opus:

  • The idea that it’s “transactional” is just classical liberalism
  • This take is literally coming out of Weinstein’s PR agency; you didn’t come up with it on your own
  • The guys who are “splitting legal hairs” for Weinstein didn’t defend Brock Turner et al.
  • The only real effect of #MeToo has been powerful Jews being taken down; #MeToo will end with the Weinstein sacrifice

So, let’s go through them.

The idea that it’s “transactional” is just classical liberalism

No, it isn’t. It’s classical human biology.

Women have sex with men in order to gain something from those men. Even the institution of marriage is based on women using sex to secure long-term financial support. Men, in turn, give things to women in exchange for sex.

Obviously, there is a spectrum between “I’ll give you $30 to come back to my room” and “I’ll give you financial support for the rest of your life if you marry me.” But the core concept is the same: women exchange sex for material gain.

You’re not going to remove that dynamic from society, ever. The gender theorists say you can, but their ability to do that is 100% predicated on the ability for women to make equal contributions to society and carry their own weight. That is not happening. It just isn’t. Women are not competent.

So if you do not want white women having sex with ugly Jews in order to promote their careers, you need to remove the incentives for them to do that. Incentives for behavior, when it comes to women, are based on social approval. Telling these women that they are “victims” for choosing to have sex with this Jew in order to get the benefits of that transaction is the opposite of the incentive you want. You want an incentive where when they do this, they are called “whores.”

This take is literally coming out of Weinstein’s PR agency; you didn’t come up with it on your own

Yes, they are literally saying that I am being paid by Harvey Weinstein.

Because with 100% of media and 100% of neo-Nazis on Twitter attacking him, he needed me to defend him, because even though he’s already been sentenced to 23 years in prison, he wants someone to defend him.

Once again: I have never defended Harvey Weinstein. What I have said is that this is a rape hoax which will have long-running implications for the entirety of society. I think Harvey Weinstein should have been sentenced to prison for all those movies he made (Good Will Hunting in particular), not because of a feminist hoax. I have been 100% consistent on that point ever since the rape hoax charges were brought against him.

Are my points the same as Weinstein’s PR agency? Well, I haven’t seen anything from his PR agency. I’ve seen his defense case. And yes, my points would be the same, largely. I don’t think regret is rape. I don’t think that you can rape your girlfriend and then continue having sex with her for five years and then be charged with rape.

I didn’t get these arguments from his defense team. I’ve been arguing these same points the whole time I’ve had this site. I’ve argued it in every single similar case. And I made these points before the Weinstein defense was ever presented.

Claiming that I’m a Jewish agent is such dumb desperation. These people agree 100% with Gloria Allred. They are presenting all of the Allred talking points. Allred is Jewish. I’m not claiming that they’re being paid by Gloria Allred, or any other Jew feminist, to present all of these Jewish Marxist-feminist arguments about “gender power dynamics.” Because you would have to be really backed up against a wall in terms of your ability to present a coherent argument to start accusing people of that.

The guys who are “splitting legal hairs” for Weinstein didn’t defend Brock Turner et al.

That’s just an outright lie.

I have never supported any rape hoax. I was the number one person attacking Mattress Girl, and the number one person defending Brock Turner.

I am against rape hoaxes on principle, and the only purpose of claiming that I didn’t defend Brock Turner is to attempt to say that I’m defending a Jew specifically. It is just lying, like ever saying that I defended Harvey Weinstein in any way at all.

If the argument is “who cares, he’s a Jew” – well, there are several problems.

Firstly and most importantly, the precedent, which has been discussed fully, and which the neo-Nazis have no response to other than “nuh-uh.”

Secondly, the media is not saying “this filthy fat kike” – they are saying “Harvey Weinstein, a symbol of white male power.”

Thirdly, what kind of a thing is it that you just want Jews to be sent to prison on fake crimes? Why not charge Harvey for the movies he made? Why not charge him for miscegenation with white women? Why not charge him for giving money to the ADL, a foreign terrorist group? The man has a list of crimes.

Fourthly, it is all Jews who pushed for this conviction! If you have 100% of Jews against one single Jew, who is on the Jewish team? Who is the Jew lover?

The only real effect of #MeToo has been powerful Jews being taken down; #MeToo will end with the Weinstein sacrifice

This is just dumb.

Of course the effect of #metoo was against Jews. I was supportive of the entire metoo agenda, because it was just about people getting fired, and that is funny.

When you move that from the realm of people getting fired to turning over the entire apparatus of the legal system to extremist, irate Jewish feminists, you’ve entered into a whole new realm where as I’ve said, heterosexual sex is de facto illegal.

This isn’t going to be the end of anything, this is just the beginning of a new phase, where this moves from firing people into imprisoning them. And the fact that Jews are celebratory over this “new era” indicates that it is not going to be Jews going to prison.

As I’ve said repeatedly, the agenda is to get white people to stop breeding. And they are going to create a chilling effect, where they just start sending people to prison, and white men become afraid to have sex.

That is the agenda here, it is the effect of the Weinstein conviction. This is an attack on our ability to reproduce. And the idea that neo-Nazis care more about one Jew going to prison, or the honor of the alabaster skinned princesses who had sex with Weinstein, than the real world effects that this is going to have on our entire race, is frankly disgusting.

Look at This Argument

Someone who had read my article confronted a neo-Nazi white knight, and the white knight started claiming – without any links – that Weinstein was locking women in his hotel room to rape them, and that this changes everything.

In an interaction with another person, the neo-Nazi has yet another emotional breakdown, as neo-Nazis tend to do, given that they have the emotional integrity of women.

Awesome comeback.

“Assertions with no evidence,” says the guy who is saying Harvey locked women in his hotel room before RAPING the alabaster lasses.

I hadn’t heard the accusation of blocking the door before – but I have located it on Google.

This woman, Melissa Thompson:

Says that he blocked the door of his office, and then she went to his hotel room later that day – and the hotel room is where the assault took place!

She says it is so traumatic, she can’t even talk about it.

Although she sure was flirty with him, as you can see in this video (even though it is highly edited) of them interacting together:


I’m sure having sex with possibly the most disgusting creature in human form on the planet was traumatic.

But you got the job, right?

This bitch is straight up saying that he sexually intimidated her in an office, but then he invited her to his hotel room and she went!

This is ALL bullshit!

The only accusers in the case were Jessica Mann and Mimi Haleyi. That is what Weinstein was convicted on. Raping his girlfriend of five years, seven years ago.

But of course, every woman who had sex with this greasy kike to advance their career is coming out of the woodwork as the media has announced that if you have sex with someone ugly to advance your career, that is actually RAPE.

But What’s This?

What has been so shocking is the way that the neo-Nazis are not saying “okay well I see your point but I disagree,” but instead going into absolute histrionics and claiming that anyone who doesn’t support the alabaster skinned beauties is a Jew-lover and is defending Harvey Weinstein.

Oh but look, now the neo-Nazis are backing down and saying they understand how people would be uncomfortable with a precedent of men being sent to prison purely on the outrageous claims of women.

Yeah, back out now.

Now that your own followers are revolting against you, because you are simping for women who literally had sex with the most disgusting Jew on earth.

And no, this is not bargaining time, you neo-Nazi faggots.

Everyone already denounces Weinstein. I have stated clearly that he should be in prison for Good Will Hunting, among other films, and should be banned from America for being a Jew. The entire claim that ANYONE was defending Weinstein was the most dishonest hoax I’ve ever seen from neo-Nazis, who are constantly lying to support their weird matriarchy agenda.

Denouncing “transactional sex” is stupid, as all sex is transactional, and everyone knows that. Of course the Jews use their power to have sex with white women. Jews use their power to do a lot of things. The problem is having Jews in your country, not some bizarre Marxist-feminist dissertation about “power dynamics.”

So back out now, sure, you simp faggots. That’s probably best. Continuing to sextuple down on “BELIEVE ALL WOMEN, CIS-SCUM!!!!!” is definitely not the best path forward for the neo-Nazi movement.

But everyone will always remember that you people defended the honor of women who had sex with Harvey Weinstein.

That will forever mark the neo-Nazi movement.

Neo-Nazis Don’t Care About White People

Neo-Nazis claim to care about white people, but they don’t. The only thing they actually care about is women’s rights.

It is not simply that they are willing to embrace a precedent that will see God only knows how many innocent men thrown in prison in order to defend the honor of disgusting whores. On every single issue of importance, neo-Nazis will choose “what makes women feel good” over “what is good for white people.”

Neo-Nazis are openly willing to sacrifice birthrates in order to support women’s college and women in the workplace. We know that women in college and women in the workplace leads to lowered birthrates – and higher divorce rates – but neo-Nazis don’t care. For them, it is more important to put women’s liberation before the birthrate.

They will also continue to support the right of women to vote, even when they know it leads to mass immigration and other horrors of having a liberal Democrat government.

Just look at any position they hold on anything.

With everything they do, it is “first we have to consider the precious nature of our alabaster princesses.” And that leads to basically all of their other stated positions – the ones about allegedly wanting to help white people – being untenable. Because there is simply no way to save white civilization while maintaining the Jewish ideal of women’s liberation.

Given that every position they hold with regards to helping white people is completely negated by their support for feminism, I don’t think they can actually be considered white activists.

Neo-Nazis are simply women’s rights activists, as women’s rights are the only thing they have a path to promoting without violating their extremist feminist agenda.