Following Idiotic False Flag Hoax, China Pledges to Strengthen Ties with Iran

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2019

Everyone knows this attack on Japanese ships is the fakest thing since fake news was invented by the Jews.

I’m extremely happy to see that China is openly mocking the Donald Kushner Administration by doing a deal with Iran a few hours after the hoax.

Fox News:

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at a summit in Kyrgyzstan and reaffirmed Beijing’s willingness to develop ties with the country even as the U.S. placed the blame squarely on Tehran for the attack on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz.

Xi met with Rouhani privately at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek, Reuters reported. The Chinese leader promised to develop the relationship no matter how the situation changes.

He recently told TASS news agency that Washington is putting “extreme pressure” on Iran and the “situation is worrying.”

President Trump has taken a tough stance on both China and Iran in recent months. The U.S. is locked in a duel with Beijing on trade, with both countries appearing to be dug in for a long fight. The Trump administration has threatened to impose additional tariffs on $325 billion of Chinese exports if there’s no deal reached at this month’s G20 in Japan.

Trump has said he wants to talk to Tehran but the U.S. has piled on sanctions that have seen Iran’s rial currency plummet along with its crucial oil exports. The U.S. also has sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the region, along with hundreds more troops to back up the tens of thousands already deployed across the Middle East.

The meeting between Xi and Rouhani occurred as tensions between the U.S. and Iran appear to be worsening. The U.S. released footage late Thursday it said shows Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from an oil tanker that was attacked near the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. claims that Iran sought to remove evidence from the scene. The footage is of the ship, Kokuka Courageous. The ship’s crew reported the “flying objects” prior to the attack.

The most incredible thing about this story is actually that any world leader would agree to have a meeting in Bishkek.

Chairman Xi continues to impress. Seriously, fuck this neocon war machine. This is retarded. All of their shit is completely fake, and it is all about JEWS.

This video they released of… alleged Iranians coming back to the scene of the crime to retrieve a bomb that didn’t go off… is the goofiest shit I’ve ever seen.

Fox News:

An Iranian vessel removed an unexploded mine that had been attached to a Japanese-owned oil tanker which suffered serious damage after an explosion in the Gulf of Oman early Thursday, U.S. officials told Fox News, as the U.S. Navy released video purportedly showing the incident.

The imagery came from the USS Bainbridge, a guided-missile destroyer which rescued 21 sailors from the stricken tanker.

At least one other mine attached to tanker’s hull detonated, causing the blast.

What is the evidence that they were Iranian?

Why would they come back to get the bomb? Are they running low on bombs?

Obviously – OBBBBBVIOUSLY – ballistics analysis can determine the type of bomb it was after it went off. So the idea that they were removing evidence by retrieving the undetonated bomb is nonsensical.

The only reason anyone would return to the scene of a crime like this is to be filmed doing it.

Without the involvement of Jews, America could easily make a trade deal with China. In fact, we could easily open up normal trade with Iran. Why not? Why have we waged a 40-year terror campaign on the single most capable nation in the Islamic world?

They should be ruling the entire region instead of the disgusting Saudis.

Name one terrorist attack by a Shiite Moslem. There literally aren’t any. Meanwhile, all terrorism is funded by Saudi Arabia – including, according to the US government, 9/11 itself.

The only reason that the US props up this lunatic Saudi regime is that Saudi Arabia is a proxy state of Israel. Period. Otherwise, anyone with even a tiny bit of basic sense could figure out that it benefits America and the entire world to allow a natural hierarchy to develop in the Middle East – a hierarchy that puts Iranians on top, given that they are racially superior to the rest of the people in the region.

Just compare the visages of the two leaders.

And just – come on.

Imagine Persians trapping a guy in an embassy and chopping up his body while he’s still alive.

Come on.

Saudis are disgusting savages, and the American ZOG regime is disgusting for engaging these people on any level.

It’s certainly interesting that China was meeting with Iran at the same time a Japanese ship was false flagged. I didn’t realize yesterday that China had this meeting planned. But that is the Jews and their fat knob-slobber Mike Pompeo thinking they’re clever.

“Oh China hates Japan, they don’t care about their plight of being attacked by these evil Iranians.”

They apparently think the Japs are as dumb as American evangelicals.

They’re not.

No one is as fucking stupid as evangelicals – not even literal niggers.

And there is no way in hell the Japs believe this hoax.

In fact, they’re likely to pivot towards Russia because the US was so bold as to stage this bizarre hoax.