Following El Paso Shooting, South American Governments Warn Their Beanniggers Not to Go to US

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2019

So, um….

Does this mean terrorism works? 

Fox News:

Uruguay and Venezuela are now warning their citizens to take precautions when traveling to the U.S. and to avoid cities like Detroit and Baltimore – which they deem some of the “most dangerous in the world” – following the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio this past weekend.

The South American countries, in a pair of travel warnings issued Monday, both argue that the recent attacks combined with other factors like the amount of U.S. gun owners make America a risky place to visit.

“The Foreign Ministry warns compatriots traveling to the United States to take precautions against growing indiscriminate violence, mostly for hate crimes, including racism and discrimination, which cost the lives of more than 250 people in the first seven months of this year,” Uruguay said in its warning.

I get that they’re trying to insult the US with this.

But according to the shooter’s manifesto, his goal was to stop these people from coming to America. And it has resulted in their governments telling them not to come to America.

I am against terrorism and so on and so forth, but this is an actual positive response to a racist terrorist attack.