Florida: Two Cops Shot Dead at a Diner in Broad Daylight

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

It was a shocker back however many years ago when I first learned of the sheer number of white people killed by blacks every day in America. Much more shocking than the killings themselves was the fact that none of them ever made national media, nor was black-on-white crime ever declared an epidemic.

During the Obama-era, black people killing cops – targeting them for assassination – really became a thing, because Obama made it a big part of his agenda as President to stir up animosity towards cops among his people.

This new kind of black crime DID make it into national news.

But now, it’s happening so often, it really doesn’t get any mainstream national coverage anymore.


Two young deputies in Gilchrist County, Florida were murdered in broad daylight on Thursday afternoon. Investigators are calling it a senseless act of violence.

Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 29, and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, 25, were just sitting down for lunch at the Ace China restaurant in Trenton, Florida, when a lone gunman approached the window and fired two shots – killing them instantly.

Bullet holes could be seen in the window where the man without a motive opened fire. They were ambushed with no chance to return fire, investigators say, murdered in cold blood. The gunman was found dead in the parking lot.

It’s an “assassination” and the motive is “race war.”

The assassin doesn’t care if one of the cops was black, because black cops are viewed as race traitors and as bad or even worse than whites.

“You’re just one call away from something like this,” Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Shultz III said.

Shocked and devastated, law enforcement agencies across the state are mourning for two of their own.

“They were the best of the best,” Shultz said. “They were men of integrity. They are men of loyalty. God fearing and they loved what they did.”

Shultz said he knew the two men personally and met with their families.

“I told them that they can be proud of those men,” he said.

Yes, I’m sure they can be proud of them.

But I’m not really sure what consolation that is.

They did not die as heroes, saving someone in a shootout – they were shot like dogs, randomly assassinated because of their jobs, a job that Barack Obama declared to be part of an anti-negro conspiracy.

The overwhelming majority of black people – more than 95%, I’m sure – believe that Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and all of the rest of these good boys were killed for no reason by law enforcement because they were black, and that the white cops were never punished because the entire justice system is racist.

They literally believe that cops are just going around killing black people, randomly, because they hate them for their skin color.

Actually, if you put yourself in their position, a program of targeted assassinations is understandable.

In order to fix this situation, you would have to have black leadership come out and say “hey, you know, actually, there isn’t really a racist conspiracy in the police or the Justice Department, and basically, the whole thing was made up by the media, black social activists and former President Barack Obama. Really, the reason black people get shot by cops is because they are so often criminals, and black people really should just try not to be criminals instead of killing cops.”

But that won’t happen. Because all of these “black leaders” are tools of the Jews.

This is New

Just so you understand, this situation is new.

Of course, blacks and the cops never got along, but it used to be that when a black got killed by the cops, blacks would say “dat nigga shoulda been watch he ass out der.”

It was Obama doing the bit with Trayvon Martin that created the “victim of cops” narrative in full. That’s what created all of these riots. This whole ongoing campaign to whine about absofuckinglutely everything, all the time.