Florida Teen had the Spirit of His Mother in Him

Florida Man was kicked out of the house by Florida Woman.

It’s no wonder how Florida Teen turned out. It’s not Florida Man’s fault, and Florida Woman no doubt got what she deserved.


A Florida teenager was sentenced to 45 years in prison Friday, a month after pleading guilty to charges of killing his mother and disposing of her body during an argument over his grades, prosecutors said.

Gregory Ramos was 15 when he killed Gail Cleavenger in November 2018, court records show. During a hearing Friday, the judge said the sentence would be reviewed after 25 years, and Ramos would stay on probation for the rest of his life once he’s released from prison, WESH reported.

This fatherless boy had a Latinx surname, which is different than his white mother’s surname.

I wonder how that happened?

Ramos, 17, pleaded guilty in December to charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a dead body.

Investigators said Ramos confessed to strangling his mother after they argued over his grades.

The judge allowed Ramos’ 84-year-old grandmother to see him up close during Friday’s hearing. She said she would always be with her grandson and prayed with him, the television station reported.

The teen’s aunts and uncles shared memories of Cleavenger and told the court they felt as though they had lost her and her son.

Where was his dad though????

I wonder why this kid had no dad????

I suppose the mother must have been the victim of a man who totally and completely changed into a different person after her son was born. Or who knows, maybe he fled his family because the son threatened to murder him?

Evidence shows that Florida Teen knew karate.

However, it is not specified that karate was used in the murder.

I would have chuckled softly to myself if the article had claimed he’d killed his mother with karate – but no, it says “strangling.”

Ramos was emotional as his family members spoke, the station reported. He also apologized to his family, adding that he was not making excuses for his actions.

Two of Ramos’ friends were also charged as adults with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. While they were not present when Ramos killed his mother, they were accused of helping in his attempt to cover up the crime, according to records and investigators.

Listen, kids: if your friends ever call you and ask you to help them dispose of a body, then you really need to ask yourself: do they have a solid plan?

Investigators said it took Ramos about 30 minutes to strangle his mother with his bare hands. He then put her in a wheelbarrow, pushed it outside and loaded it in the family van, records show.

Ramos asked his friends to help stage a burglary at his home, investigators said.

That’s not a solid plan.

Generally, if you have killed someone who you know, on purpose, you’re going to go to prison. Mostly, attempting to dispose of the body is just going to make the charges worse.

The way to avoid this is to keep a healthy mental state, so you don’t end up committing murder. When you spend 30 minutes strangling your mother to death, I would say you probably had a bigger problem than a fight over a bad grade.

Frankly, this is bullshit, putting this kid in prison.

No one seems to recognize just what it is like to live with a single mother. It is fully dehumanizing.

What happens is that because there is no father, the son imitates the mother, because they do not have a man to emulate. So he was imitating the mother’s anger and rage when he strangled her to death. Really, she should be charged posthumously with suicide, child endangerment, and being a stupid whore.

Single motherhood is not working. It is not brave, and it simply is not working. Society needs to acknowledge that, instead of just continuing to deal with the fallout.

And listen to me: everything in our society is the fallout from single motherhood. We are living in a wasteland that is the fallout of single motherhood.

Yet, instead of identifying single mothers as the biggest problem in our society, they are called “brave.” Meanwhile, the men they abuse are defamed as “abusers.”

This is what’s shocking: it’s shocking that every son of a single mother doesn’t kill the stupid bitch in a 30-minute strangling event.