Florida: Republicans Threatening to Primary Cuban Abuser Marco Rubio

Sadly, I don’t think we’re going to be primarying anyone.

The Dominion voting machines are used in primary votes all over the country, and furthermore, they allow mail-in voting. We’ve seen primary elections be disputed due to mail-in ballots.

There is no room for this primary agenda.

You know that I was the number one person pushing this before the election, but now that an election has been completely stolen, there is no way we are going to gain back power through voting.

All you have to think about is this question: “What if we had a vote about whether or not we should continue to use these Dominion voting machines?”

I think everyone realizes that we would lose such a referendum.

That means we are not going to win any other vote, either – unless it is done on paper ballots. If we call for a referendum for secession, we would also be demanding paper ballots, because the reason we would be demanding the referendum would be because of voter fraud.

The better position on voting at this point is to boycott the vote.

That said, I’m glad to see people calling out Marco Rubio. What a horrible scumbag.

Miami Herald:

At a weekend rally organized by Republicans outside Miami’s Freedom Tower, a crowd unified by the false belief that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump gathered and waved Trump 2020 banners, American flags — and, in one case, a sign asking “Where’s Marco?”

Marco Rubio, Florida’s senior Republican U.S. senator, was not expected to attend the event, one of many protests planned around the country by Trump’s most dogged supporters. Although Rubio has not criticized Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of an election that made Democratic nominee Joe Biden the president-elect, he has stopped short of backing the president’s allegations of widespread voter fraud and at times acknowledged the lack of evidence to support the claims.

“Where is Marco, indeed?” Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser who spoke at the Sunday rally in Miami, wrote later on the social media site Parler. “A growing number of Florida Republicans are urging me to challenge Marco Rubio in the Republican primary.”

Stone, a self-described dirty trickster pardoned by Trump this year for lying to Congress, may have just been stirring the pot. He went on to say that, were he to run, he’d rather wait two years and challenge Florida’s junior Republican U.S. senator, Rick Scott, and also told the Daily Caller that he’s “friendly” with Rubio and “not likely to run for anything.”

But Stone’s flirtation with challenging Rubio’s bid for a third term underscores a new reality for Florida Republicans: In 2022, the greatest threat to most GOP incumbents may lie not on the left, but on the right — and in the perception that they’re not loyal enough to Trump.

This is probably the only state where a Republican should fear a primary challenge from a Trumpist candidate, and Marco’s first in line,” said Jacob Perry, a former GOP campaign consultant in Florida who now runs a digital newsletter.

In a Wednesday interview on Capitol Hill, Rubio said he’s not worried that Trump supporters will turn against GOP officials who do not unequivocally back all of Trump’s claims.

“We’re a very diverse party, a very vibrant party, but I don’t worry,” Rubio said. “I think it’s mostly a creation by you guys, media people, that sort of focus on these things because it draws ratings and clicks.”

Rubio deserves this for more reasons than just not supporting Donald Trump.

He’s a spy. He is in the government for the purpose of attempting to provoke a war in South America, and therefore he supports any neoconservative war, because that gets him closer to reclaiming his home nation of Cuba from the communists he says stole it from him.

This guy’s problems are not our problems. We don’t have anything to do with this.

And of course: he doesn’t care about our problems. He has his own agenda, which is war, and that agenda is going to be better served under Joe Biden.

We have to think these things through, folks.