Florida: Police Arrest Man for Telling Jew to “Get Over Hitler”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2017

Every day in America, bars host thousands of arguments and rude exchanges. Sometimes, these arguments get heated. Most of the time, bartenders and employees ask people to tone it down or leave, and the police seldom get involved unless there’s violence.

The exception is if you have an argument with a Jew. It seems that America is undergoing an unannounced Constitutional reformation on the ground, because people are being harassed and imprisoned by the cops for engaging in legal criticism of Jews.

Recall the fliers that were dropped advertising The Daily Stormer in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Scottsdale police department admitted no crime was committed, not even a littering violation. But because the Anti-Defamation League found this First Amendment activity offensive, and they have the money to buy and pressure the police, they have been using Scottsdale cops as their personal Stasi to hunt down the “culprit” anyway.

In another shocking miscarriage of justice, a man was given 30-to-life under a misinterpreted terrorism statute for burning a hole in a New Jersey Synagogue’s carpet.

Now, a Palm Beach man who told a Jew in a bar to “get over Hitler” ended up in him being arrested. The crime? This God-complexed Florida kike found it “offensive.”

Jews are free to offend and insult us all they want, but a mirror to a vampire is a capital offense!

Times of Israel:

A woman told police in Palm Beach, Florida, that a man in a hotel bar told her to “get over Hitler” and pushed her when she ignored him.

Scholz, who was arrested Saturday hours after the incident and charged with simple battery and breaching the peace, both misdemeanors, told the Palm Beach Daily News that he is a yacht broker.

The unidentified victim said the man approached her at the Colony Hotel bar and said, “You must be Jewish,” then yelled, “You Jews and blacks should just get over Hitler.” The victim said that when she continued to ignore Scholz, he pushed her on the shoulder.

She said she will ask the state attorney’s office to charge Scholz with a hate crime, which would carry a longer sentence if he is convicted.

To translate this from Yidglish to English, this Jewish woman was at a bar yapping about how Donald Trump is a Nazi, and this guy – possibly loosened by alcohol – tapped her on the shoulder and said “get over Hitler.”

But in the deranged, vicious mind of the Jew, the tap on the shoulder turns onto a “push on the shoulder,” get over Hitler becomes a “threat,” and what is an incredibly mild bar scrum where nobody got hurt turns into a “hate crime”!

Inside every Jew is an NKVD commissar, looking to root out and execute not just people who publish The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, but anyone possessing it and their entire extended family. It’s not that Jews learned it from Communism, it’s that that its social ideology was just the deep-seated Jewish psychology put into action.

They apply the same principles under any system, including “human rights democracy,” that they live and thrive in. Either we stand up for our rights against this tidal wave of official corruption, or we’ll all end up like Czar Nicholas and his family.

These Jews are just getting started.