Florida: Mexican Kills Black Burger King Worker Because His Woman’s Order Took Too Long

Yeah, I mean… sure. Okay.

Local 10:

A woman who was upset that her Burger King order took too long got a man to come to the restaurant and shoot one of the employees, according to Local 10 sister station WKMG.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting happened Saturday around 7:30 p.m. at the Burger King on the 7000 block of E. Colonial Drive.

When they arrived, deputies said they found Desmond Armond Joshua, 22, suffering from a gunshot wound in the parking lot. He was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

As part of the investigation, video was recovered that showed Joshua in a physical altercation with a male who had him in a headlock, according to the affidavit.

A witness said the restaurant was busy that night and the drive-thru was backed up, which caused customers to have to wait longer than usual.

Yes. It was busy because it is one of the only places that is open, because the coronavirus hoax has shut everything down.

More than a Mexican-on-black murder, this is a lockdown lunacy murder.

One woman who was in line was mad about the delay so she got out of her vehicle and began yelling that she was going to have “her man” come to the restaurant, so an employee refunded her $40 and asked her to leave, records show.

The woman waited in the parking lot in her black sedan for a few minutes then drove away and returned. A man in a white truck was with her who as later identified as 37-year-old Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes. He demanded that Joshua “fight him,” deputies said.


His name is Kelvis!

I was going to name my kid Kelvis, but the name is now totally ruined by this Burger King shooter.

By the way, I think Kelvis is only half Mexican.

A witness intervened to stop the fight when Rodriguez-Tormes put Joshua in a headlock and started choking him, according to the affidavit.

Deputies said after the witness pulled Rodriguez-Tormes off of Joshua, Rodriguez-Tormes then went to his truck and got the gun, telling Joshua, “You got two seconds before I shoot you.”

Shortly thereafter, Rodriguez-Tormes shot Joshua then he fled in the white truck while the black sedan also fled, deputies said.

According to investigators, Joshua had just started working at the Burger King a few days earlier. Officials said he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died.

There are a lot of fast food shootings on record, but it is always blacks. This is the first Mexican fast foot shooting that I’m aware of. So, the insanity of the lockdown is dropping Mexicans down to the level of blacks.

Whites, presumably, will be dropped down to the level of Mexicans, in terms of their capacity for mindless violence.

Whichever way you wish to classify it, understand: all of the races are being driven over the edge on purpose by this paranoid lunacy.

Many people are going to die in goofy ways because of this, but they will be the lucky ones.

The rest of us are cursed to live in a full-paranoia society, where everyone is progressively losing their mind and plotting against everyone else.

Basically, we’re going to be living in a heavy metal album cover until things finally collapse completely.