Florida: Mexican Arrested for Being the 22-Year-Old Boyfriend of 11-Year-Old Mexican Girl

Liberal values are hitting up against Mexican values!

Who could have predicted something like this???

New York Post:

A missing 11-year-old Florida girl was found at the home of a 22-year-old man she called her “boyfriend,” according to police — who busted the alleged creep for child sex abuse.

The child was allegedly discovered at the Tampa home of Luis Alberto Encarnacion, one day after an Amber Alert was issued in a desperate attempt to find her, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said at a press conference.

“There is no logical sense for a 22-year-old man to be with an 11-year-old child unless there was horrific things that were going to continue or go on in that place,” Nocco said.

Encarnacion is accused of preying on the child, who had already been subjected to “numerous adverse childhood experiences” — including that her dad is absent and her mom is in jail, Nocco said.

“In her mind, she thought Luis was her boyfriend,” Nocco said. “We all know that’s not real … What’s real is Luis acted like a predator on this little child.”

He added, “She has gone from one adverse childhood experience to another … She is looking for that stability, that rock, love, that caring nature that most kids are given in life.”

The girl, whose name is being withheld by The Post, likely met Encarnacion on social media, Nocco said.

I will assume her name is something Spanish!

She likely lied about her age as well.

But I mean…

This is from UNICEF:

Why is the age of consent 12 in Mexico?

Well, probably because that’s their culture.

So you do this multiculturalism, you say you want these other cultures inside of your culture, then they practice their culture, and you become angry because it conflicts with your culture.

This actually proves that multiculturalism isn’t desirable and doesn’t work.

It’s the same argument I’ve made consistently and continuously regarding the Muhammed cartoons – why would you invite Moslems into your country and then make a point of insulting their most sacred beliefs?

Speaking of Moslems – their age of consent is 9, de facto, because of their religion.

Furthermore, many of them do female genital mutilation (they all do male genital mutilation). The West complains about that.

They also complain about the way Moslems and other brown people treat women and homosexuals.

The question is: which part of these cultures, specifically, do white people want to mix in with their “multiculturalism” agenda?

If you look into it, or you put them on the spot, they start talking about ultra-superficial things like the way they dress or their food. But marriage practices, religion and morals – these are off the table.

Brown people tend to not have “liberal values.” They do tend to vote Democrat, because they want money.

Then, when you take a step back from that, you can ask: what is even the point of having multiculturalism at all? Why would you want it?

The answer, obviously, is that this is a Jewish plan to destroy Western civilization. It isn’t about other cultures. It is about hurting our culture. We’re the only victims of this program, and that is because it is about us. It’s not about them. These people use the excuse of helping brown people, and then some vague concept of “multiculturalism,” as a way to attack us.