Florida Man to be Charged with Hate Crime for Using Words of Pure Evil While Defending Woman from Encircling Black Mob

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2019

Florida Man continues his never-ending quest for fun and adventure, this time confronting some black troublemakers who used an MLK Day bike ride against gun violence to harass people on the street.

Would that we too may become a part of his adventure.

USA Today:

Florida prosecutors are exploring hate crime charges against a man who was arrested on Martin Luther King Jr. Day after brandishing a gun and yelling racial slurs at a group of black youths.

Mark Bartlett, 51, was arrested for illegally carrying a concealed weapon after a confrontation with a group of bicyclists participating in the “Bikes Up, Guns Down” event in Miami’s upscale Brickell area, the Miami Herald reported.

The incident was captured in several videos posted on social media by the grassroots activist group Dream Defenders. In one clip, a woman can be heard yelling at the cyclists for blocking the street and accusing one of them of running over her foot.

Then Bartlett appears holding a gun and shouting obscenities and racial epithets at the cyclists. An onlooker called police and Bartlett was arrested while driving around 6:30 p.m., the Herald reported.

Yeah, it was typical nigger shenanigans going on, and Florida Man just showed up and pulled out a gun and walked around with it after some woman was yelling and being surrounded by a group of urban youths.

I think it’s pretty reasonable that if you see a group of blacks encircling a white (or at least non-black) woman, that you would draw a gun.

Originally, all he was arrested for was carrying the gun concealed, which is apparently either illegal in Miami or he didn’t have a CCW permit. These laws are sort of confusing sometimes. Florida is a red state of course, and allows concealed carry, but what sometimes happens is that more liberal cities in red states try to override the state laws.

Anyway, it’s a minor charge whatever the case.

Or it was, until the Twitter mafia sprung into action and the State Attorney decided to get involved and add charges in response to this e-mob’s demand.

“Why am I being arrested when those kids are free to ride around?” Bartlett asked the arresting officer, according to the Herald. “I did pull out my gun. But I never pointed it at them.”

Dream Defenders took issue with the initial charges facing Bartlett, calling them “a slap on the wrist,” on Twitter.

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced Tuesday that she has ordered her hate crimes chief to investigate the case.

I am outraged at the reported acts depicted in the videos taken during this incident,” Fernandez Rundle said in a statement. “I am committed to filing the appropriate charges and to vigorously prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.”

The protest appears to be part of a Miami tradition in which young African-American men typically take to the streets on MLK Day to ride dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles and bicycles in an anti-violence effort known as “Wheels Up, Guns Down,” the Associated Press reported.

Local news station WPLG reported that the kids, ages 11 to 18 years old, have hired civil rights attorney Lee Merritt who hopes to make sure hate crime charges are filed.

“Several of the children have not slept since this incident,” Angel Settle, a liaison for Merritt, told the station. “They are very disturbed with this incident. And ultimately it’s very clear that this was racially charged, racially motivated.”

Oh give me a break.

I watched the video and if you’re going to claim that this is the first time those “children” have seen someone draw a gun then you are lying and everyone knows you are lying but virtually no one will call you out because they’re afraid of being called heretics of the new state religion of anti-racism.

One of the “children” is literally masked-up like he’s getting ready to rob a liquor store.

Although we don’t have any footage from before the woman started screaming to see why it is she started screaming – as is so, so often the so, so convenient case with these videos – we can see what they look like.

We can also see when Florida Man approached this woman who was being surrounded.

By blacks.

At least one of which was masked-up.

I mean.

Come on.

We also know that blacks very often use these types of state-funded anti-violence events to commit acts of violence.

If you type “shooting at anti-gun rally” into Google, the most recent story is from a few days ago.

It’s a black cultural tradition to use anti-violence events as an opportunity to commit acts of violence.

So it is probable that these youths were planning on grabbing this woman’s purse. She is yelling that they ran over her foot – which is something that would be pretty hard to do, unless you were purposefully trying to do it. Then they surrounded her. It’s daylight on some bridge, so I doubt they were planning a gang-rape. But it is quite likely they were planning to grab her purse and jet off.

This is to say that there is basically a 100% certainty that Florida Man prevented some act of violence being done against this woman by drawing his gun and responsibly holding it at his side just to let these urban youths know he had it.

I cannot find a video that doesn’t have the profanity and alleged racial slurs bleeped out. The implication is that he said “nigger” – which is the worst ever word which you can never say, because it violates everything that is sacred in a society that promotes this:

But he might not even have said “nigger.”

The woman says “thug,” and we’re told that is a racial slur.

That said, he probably did say “nigger.”

That sort of thing comes out when you are in heated situations.

I remember when I was a young casual believer in all of this anti-racist stuff and a black guy held a knife to my throat, I said “nigger.” I actually said “do it you fucking nigger,” which looking back was probably not the best response. But when you’re 19, you’ve got hot blood and so on. I certainly did.

This is to saying such words in the heat of a hot moment doesn’t imply anything, and even if it did imply that this guy is feeling virulent hatred for the color of the skin, that means absolutely nothing.

Aside from the fact that “hate crimes” laws are an absurd concept and a violation of the First Amendment – in fact a purposeful attack to weaken the First Amendment – this man didn’t commit any crimes at all. If the guy didn’t have a gun permit, or Miami has some local ordinance they claim negates state CCW laws, okay, charge him with that. Although even that is questionable, because it could have simply been in his car in a manner that is legal in Florida.

In a sane society, even if he did violate some weird (and definitely unconstitutional) gun technicality, that would be dismissed because he was doing an act of heroism.

Instead, people who do heroic acts in our society are punished because we are told that the group that commits over 50% of all violent crime is a sacred group of holy blessed individuals which should be worshiped.

UPDATE: He Did Say the Nigger Word

Okay, I found an unedited version of the video.

The blacks call the woman they are encircling a “fucking white ass” and then Florida Man says “nigger” twice.

So that means he could be charged with a hate crime, if he had committed a crime against these niggers. But holding a gun is not committing a crime against anyone. It is very clear he did not point it at them.

It’s all so tiresome.