Florida Man Takes Severe Revenge on Negress McDonald’s Employee, Gets Ass Kicked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

Update: The employee was Not fired!YES this really did happen last night for all those asking me… it started because he wanted a straw !!! The young girl was heard saying she used to box 🥊 After this fight he came back and went behind the counter & tried to fight the manager. The guy left before the cops arrived but has now been arrested!!

Gepostet von Kinie Biandudi am Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019

There is nothing more offensive than an uppity black McDonald’s employee.

Well, actually there are several things more offensive than that, including CNN airing a video of Mitt Romney giving a right bloody suckjob to Jake Tapper.

However, my point is, negress McDonald’s employees are extremely offensive, and some people just simply cannot take it anymore.

But if you’re going to grab that bitch, don’t let her repeatedly punch you in the face. It makes us all look bad.

Leave it to Florida Man to screw-up something as simple as beating up a black woman at McDonald’s.


A white Florida man has been arrested on battery charges after video emerged of him lunging across a McDonald’s counter and violently grabbing a black female employee by her shirt in an argument over the location of the straws.

The shocking video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the man, who was identified by police as 40-year-old Daniel Taylor, suddenly snatching Yasmine James’ shirt collar and aggressively pulling her towards him. The reason? She had reportedly told him that restaurant policy was to keep straws behind the counter.

The attack was evidently the last straw for the stunned employee, however, and she began to fight back, throwing multiple punches at Taylor who refused to let her go, despite amazed onlookers urging him to release his grip. One staff member is seen trying to pull James away from Taylor while another walks around the counter in an effort to restrain him, which prompts him to finally let the young woman go.

Amazingly, when the altercation ends, Taylor acts like nothing untoward happened and announces: “I want her ass fired, right now.”

It didn’t end there, however. According to witness Kinie Biandudi, who recorded the 54-second video clip, Taylor continued to take out his straw-related rage on other employees, returning moments later to start a fight with the restaurant manager, who then threw him out of the restaurant, locking the door behind him.

On his way out, Taylor reportedly kicked another black female employee in the stomach. That moment was also caught on camera and seen by several witnesses, according to the police report. Taylor escaped before police arrived, but was later apprehended.

I don’t think this had anything to do with straws.

The fact of reality is that this entire country is a powder keg ready to blow, due to race relations, which have become simply nonviable.

Like always with these videos, we see nothing that happened before the white man lost it, and are expected to believe that he simply attacked this innocent black lass for no reason whatsoever – out of pure hatred for the color of her skin.

I’m sure that this was the last straw, not just in her interaction with her, but in his interactions with blacks (probably specifically black females, who are actually worse than black males) over a long period of time.

These people are completely out of control. They are constantly rude, they are constantly threatening, they constantly make it clear that they hate us and are simply waiting for their chance to rise up and kill us all, Haiti style.

When people talk about this idea of a “divided nation,” this is something that you simply cannot blame white men for. White men were the ones who unified an extremely volatile coalition of people under a single system. It is the displacement and disempowerment of white men that has led to division.

The following groups are dividing from the mainstream:

  • Black people
  • Women
  • Trannies and other faggots and perverts
  • Immigrants

The differences at this point appear to be “unreconcilable.”

And these differences are never more obvious than they are at McDonald’s.