Florida Man Breaks Into Florida Man’s Home to Suck on His Toes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2020

Everyone who saw the headline just assumed this was a typical toe-sucking situation.

It isn’t.

This is a homosexual toe-sucking incident.

The perp is still on the loose. It was probably Mike Pompeo.

Fox 13:

Investigators in Manatee County are searching for a burglar who sucked on a man’s toes after breaking into his Bradenton home.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said the victim was sleeping in his bedroom on Christmas Eve, only to be awakened by a man sucking on his toes.

The victim asked the burglar what he wanted, telling him he didn’t have any money.

The man replied he was “there to suck toes,” the sheriff’s office report said.

That’s when the victim punched the suspect in the mouth and forced the man out of the bedroom. The suspect attempted to fondle the victim’s genitals and claimed he had a gun, but no gun was ever seen during the fight.

The victim managed to kick the man out of the home and proceeded to repeatedly hit the suspect in the face.

The sheriff’s office said the victim then ran back into the house and called 911.

While the victim was on the phone with dispatchers, the suspect “came back up to the house and punched out the glass on the front window,” the report said.

The man then got on top of the victim’s car and stomped on the windshield until it broke, then fled the scene on foot.

Imagine living in America and thinking you had moral authority over other countries.

I guarantee you that in no other country on earth are men breaking into other men’s homes to suck on their toes while they sleep. Except maybe that might happen in Germany.