Florida: Local Journalist Ben Ryan on a Crusade to Force School to Publish Cleavage Shots of 13 Year Olds

Editing out a 9th grade slut’s cleavage from her yearbook photo is a human rights violation.

You expect this in places like Belarus or from Hamas terrorists, but not from the heartland of global democracy.

Look at the short-haired slut.

What did she do? Give her hair to a cancer child?

“Who needs hair when I’ve got a push-up bra to show off my blossoming tiddies?”

Reporter Ben Ryan is all into this jailbait cleavage. He’s calling up and harassing the school, demanding that they publish more cleavage photos.

“Oh yeah baby, lemme see them tiddies baby” is now journalistic ethics.

When Ben Ryan was asked why he was so obsessed with publishing these jailbait cleavage photos, Ryan went quiet for a moment.

Then he claimed that the the sexual empowerment of 9th grade girls is “the core values of our democracy” and “a weapon to rival Metal Gear.”

Yeah but seriously, if you were a journalist, would you feel a little bit weird demanding that a school publish cleavage images of 13-year-old girls?

I get that this is some kind of feminist empowerment, she owns her sexuality and uses it to manipulate men to get ahead financially and so on (yes, as a conservative I can accurately describe my opponent’s ideological viewpoints). Regardless of the ideological explanation however, you still have this man spam calling and showing up outside a high school and demanding they publish pictures of 13-year-old girls with the top of their breasts showing.

Either this guy is into the images, or he thinks Jeff Zucker is going to call him up and say “great work getting those 13-year-old cleavage shots published. We want to offer you a place at CNN covering the sexual liberation of 13 year olds.”