Florida Governor Points Out That the Infection Rate is Much, Much Higher Than the Media is Reporting

With the flu, we estimate the number of infections every year, and create a mortality rate based on that estimate and the number of deaths (which we generally do not have to estimate, because they are recorded by hospitals). With the Coronavirus, we are calculating the statistics completely differently: only people who have been tested and confirmed to have the virus are being included in the numbers of infected, and the death toll is being estimated using that number.

Meanwhile, hospitals have also been instructed to record every death that could possibly be a Coronavirus death as a Coronavirus death, even if there is no test.

I explained the difference in the way the statistics are calculated using CDC data here. And I explained the fact that the CDC is telling people to record more or less every death as a coronavirus death here.

Ron DeSantis is not particularly smart or well informed on this issue, but he recently hinted at some of it.

Fox News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose state has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, has outlined what he says are important next steps for states that want to be medically secure when they are able to restart their economies.

In an interview airing Sunday on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” DeSantis said that his administration is investing heavily in serological testing, which measures the number of antibodies present in the blood when the body is responding to the virus.

According to the Florida Department of Public Health, nearly 176,000 Floridians had been tested for the virus as of early Sunday, with nearly 19,000 testing positive.

“You see different studies that have been done overseas, and I think that the consensus seems to be emerging that whoever tests positive for it is probably just a small fraction of those who have actually had it,” DeSantis told host Mark Levin. “Because, of course, for people who are in the younger age groups, people who don’t have significant underlying conditions, this could be something that [has] relatively mild symptoms.”

The governor added that at the outset of the pandemic, many people who were feeling mild flu-like symptoms likely did not rush to the hospital and may not be recorded in the official infection counts.

This is much better than the official Trump Administration response, which has been schizophrenic. Trump is raging at that dumb black guy from WHO – who played a lead role in this hysteria – for not creating enough hysteria about how bad the virus allegedly is early on. Meanwhile, he is also trying to reopen the economy.

What Trump should probably be doing is pushing back against the media narrative that the virus is worse than or different from the flu. That would allow him to credibly make an argument for reopening the country.

Although I suppose the reason he isn’t doing that is that he doesn’t want the media to be able to claim that he is disrespecting the old people and obese blacks that died from the Coronavirus. They would also call him a “conspiracy theorist” for saying it is just the flu, and invoke “scientific consensus” in the same way they do when anyone doubts global warming.

Donald Trump means well, he just doesn’t have the strength of character to stand up for what is right in situations where there will be large consequences for doing so.

Basically, if he would have stuck to his guns originally, and kept saying that it was the flu and refused to embrace a lockdown, he would have ultimately come out the winner – before November. It would have been a tough few months for him, with the media refusing to acknowledge that this same number of deaths happens every year, but it would have been better for him.

Instead, he cracked, and embraced the hoax, agreed to lock the country down, and now he’s stuck. The economy is now ruined forever, there is going to be at least 50% unemployment and tens of millions of homeless, with every city in the country looking like downtown San Francisco, homeless drug addicts pooping on the streets. Everyone is gong to be eating government canned soup.

Somehow, even though the only reason he implemented the lockdown was due to media pressure, he will be blamed for destroying the economy.

Everything would have worked out fine if he’d only listened to Alex Jones.

It’s very sad.

I’m rooting for Trump to come out on top, because if we get a Democrat in this November, we’re all going to be force vaccinated and chipped.