Florida Court Bans Father From Seeing Son Because Wife Married Another Man

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2017

Everything in American divorce law is centered around enabling female sexual depravity and then shielding them from the consequences of their behavior. The point is to make marriage and having children so unappealing to men that only the weakest and most pathetic beta-cucks will go through it.

In Florida, a married woman who left her husband for a “boyfriend” got pregnant. The boyfriend eagerly anticipated his first son, but whoops, the woman suddenly “realized” she wanted to get back with her husband.

Instead of the courts penalizing the woman by giving the child to the father and sterilizing her, they ruled that the biological father had no rights to his son at all.

Doctors TV:

A Florida law is keeping Christopher from seeing his son because the child’s mother was married to another man. His lawyer joins The Doctors to share more about his struggle to have access to his child.

Christopher was with the woman for 6 months, but she went back to her estranged husband just 4 weeks before she gave birth.

Attorney Rebekah Brown-Wiseman says, “The courts, unfortunately, see it very differently than the average person. In the courts, they are trying to use an old, outdated notion of protecting the child. They are trying to protect the child, so the child is not stigmatized in the court’s mind from being an illegitimate child. So what they are trying to do is keep the child of an intact marriage.”

She furthers explains that the law, which is from 1993, does not give her client any rights as a parent to the child.

“So, if the mother and her husband object to the biological father basically being a parent to his own biological child, they’re going to allow it,” she explains, telling The Doctors that in the state of Florida these cases are difficult to resolve due to this archaic law.

Children being used as alibis for unbridled female hedonism is low, but it also informs our entire legal system on these questions. The whole system punishes good men and rewards bad women.

The married cuckold in the case embodies the “Don’t talk to me or my wife’s son” meme. Since he signed to take away paternity rights from the actual father, he deserves to be ruthlessly mocked in the public square.