Florida: Awesome Neo-Nazi Turns Tiki Bar Into a Hard Rock Zone

Well, this is unfortunate.

Not a good look for the Aryan race, I can tell you this.

Herald Tribune:

A Wachula man tattooed with swastikas and other racist symbols went on a tirade at a Nokomis restaurant on Friday, proclaiming to be a white supremacist and striking a female staff member.

Nicholas Arnold Schock, 36, was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with battery and disturbing the peace. He is being held at the Sarasota County Jail on 55,000 bail. His bond was raised after it was originally set at $620.

Schock appeared to tell deputies before he was taken into custody, in a video posted by a bystander on Facebook, that he has psychological issues.

“I’m a white supremacist,” Schock yelled on a video captured by bystander. “The Aryan nation will rule the world. People covered in tattoos will be my closest relatives, I promise you.”

Two men approached Schock, who began sauntering through the outside seating area with his shorts unbuttoned while making sexual threats to a guest.

“We have children in here,” said two men who confronted him.

Schock replied, “I don’t care, call Donald Trump. Do you know Donald Trump? If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going anywhere.”

After making a sexual threat to a woman at a table, Schock walked toward a female staff member and slapped her hard with an open hand and then punched her. She was knocked out by the assault.

About six men in the vicinity rushed to help her. One man put Schock in a headlock until he could be detained.

An arriving deputy said there was a large crowd surrounding a smaller group of people holding Schock down.

While he was being detained, Schock yelled about the Aryan brotherhood and white supremacy. He was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle by two deputies.

Deputies spoke with the woman who was struck. She said Schock entered the business cursing and screaming. He undressed down to no shirt and his pants undone, exposing his groin area enough to see his pubic hair, the report states.

The woman tried to keep him from entering the business, but the man became more disruptive, and others tried to help remove him from the restaurant.

There were several children present at the restaurant at the time of the attack, according to employee David Dolby.

Jennifer Krause, a patron at the restaurant with her family, told deputies that she and her children were scared, the report states. Two of them were crying and wanted to speak with deputies after they calmed down.

Multiple videos were taken showing the incident, which were turned over to deputies. A video posted on Facebook by a patron at the restaurant Friday, has been viewed over 100,000 times and has been shared nationwide.

A GoFundMe page has been started for the server who was struck.

Declan McIlveney, who was fishing with buddies, had just finished eating burgers at Pop’s when he heard a commotion he compared to sports fans cheering. He peered over a wall to see Schock being taken to the ground by numerous men.

“Me and my buddy ran around the corner,” McIlveney said. “When he (Schock) was one the ground he spouted out all the Aryan nation, white power stuff. Then he started talking about how if anyone was phoning him or taking pictures, they should send it to Donald Trump because Donald Trump would get it him off.”

That’s kind of funny.

I actually yelled that same thing the last time I was involved in a shirtless drunken fiasco.

Pop’s Sunset Grill sent out a statement regarding the incident.

“At approximately, 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, a troubled 36-year-old male entered our premises and immediately began spewing erratic hate dialogue. We made every effort to remove him within minutes after his arrival while simultaneously speaking with 911 dispatch police officers. Unfortunately, he violently attacked one of our staff. He was immediately subdued and held until the Sheriff arrived.

“We’d like to thank our community for their unparalleled support and empathy. Pop’s Sunset Grill is grateful of the heroic efforts of our staff, owner and customers that apprehended the individual within seconds of his violent assault of our brave bartender that stood between him and our customers in a protective mode. She is recovering at home on paid medical leave. In the 20 years of our current ownership this is the first incident of violent assault.”

I have a hard time believing that a tiki bar could go 20 years without a violent assault.

No tiki bar that I’ve ever been to has been able to go 20 minutes without some kind of drunken mania violence.

Neo-Nazis really make all white advocates look bad. We need to be honest about this problem. I do not even view them as actual political activists. It is more that they are anti-social people who glob onto a political cause that is fringe in order to justify their own anti-social behavior. Many of them, like this person, are mentally ill.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even believe this event actually happened if I hadn’t met people exactly like this. There is a class of people who show up to serious political meetings as fat drunks attempting to get into violent altercations, or to spread nonsense, confuse people, etc. It is inexplicable that as a pro-white activist, you are forced to be associated with this ultimate trash.

These people area cancer and they’re about to become the only remaining opposition to leftism. Right now, neo-Nazism is being set up as the default opposition. We know that neo-Nazis were the only people who were allowed to remain on social media after the purge, and it presently appears that they will be the only group of people allowed to speak openly after the Joe Biden crackdown. I’ve heard rumors that various neo-Nazis are currently trying to start a “political party.”

We are entering into a weird nightmare, and I think that the neo-Nazis are going to play a major role in the foundations of this new society. That is, they will play a role in the transformation, as we move into this new hellish communist nightmare. All real opposition will be shut down, but for some reason, you will have costumed fat guys with swastika tattoos on the march. They will be used as a target of hate and used to justify the various measures that will be implemented against white people.