Florence Schechter and the Jewish Origins of the World’s First Vagina Museum

Karl Radl
Semitic Controversies
January 12, 2018

Florence Schechter – typical filthy Jew.

Florence Schechter – a feminist jewess from the United Kingdom – has been making waves around the world with her idea for a ‘Vagina Museum’. She is the daughter of Russian-born jewish klezmer musician Gregori Schechter.

Schechter described her motivation for this rather weird decision as follows:

I felt quite upset because I’m a big feminist and I believe in equality. I thought, “how can there be a penis museum and not a vagina museum?”

She also claims to want to promote ‘knowledge about’ and ‘pride in’ vaginas, but yet is also – inexplicably if she just wanted to promote feminism – is that her ‘Vagina museum’ will also push ‘awareness of body shaming’‘gay rights’ and ‘trans acceptance’.

She also wants to fight female genital mutilation (aka FGM) among the world’s Muslim community and convince ‘religious girls’ to be proud of losing their virginity and not to engage in anal sex.

Yet this is all a publicity stunt by Schechter.


The Great Wall of Vagina

We realize when we note that despite having decided to build her ‘Vagina Museum’ in the left-wing homosexual-infested seaside city of Brighton in the United Kingdom. She has no money or backing let alone permission to create any such thing.

To quote the Independent’s profile of her:

At the moment, the museum is in its very early days. All that Schechter has so far is some keen volunteers, social media pages and a Patreon fundraising page.

And the more detailed comment in the National Student’s interview with her:

Despite the fact Florence, with a helping hand from volunteers, is being proactive and getting out there with the project, it’s “humongously variable” as to when the Museum will be physically up and running. “Best case scenario, minimum 5 years, worst case scenario, 25 years, it’s going to cost a lot and takes a long time to build a museum from scratch, I’ve done research and the best way to be successful and not fall on my face is to start small and keep doing these little projects and talks and build it up.”

Then in the same interview she lets the cat out of the bag in regard to what her motivation really is: money and promoting her company.

To wit:

Florence describes the process as a form of market research, taking the project nationally, meeting with people to find out what they want and need because without that, “how can I educate and empower if I don’t know what they need?”, says Florence.

It turns out that Schechter owns a company called ‘CollabLab’, which makes ‘science films’ and is the legal entity behind her eponymous YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel is tiny with a mere 3,585 subscribers at the time of writing [why not leave a comment there? – Ed]. Part of the reason for this is because Schechter doesn’t really upload much new content and what there are largely short not particularly funny somewhat science-related skits.

Not exactly a recipe for a mass following.

That being said; the fact that Schechter has been riding the ‘Vagina Museum’ publicity wave as best she can but at the same time she wants charities like Refuge, companies like sanitary towel manufacturer Always and unspecified ‘high-profile women’ to fund her museum.

While of course operating a for profit company in the form of ‘CollabLab’ that is tangentially linked and stands to benefit substantially from the operation of such a museum.

Put another way Schechter is essentially trying to build her own company – and concomitantly her own fortune and profile (ironically alluded to by the Jewish Daily Forward’s reference to her as a ‘communications professional’) – by riding the fashionable feminist political wave and doing so in explicitly jewish way. As illustrated by her giving a presentation of her Vagina Museum recently at the Limmud Festival of Jewish Learning in Birmingham, England.

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