Flips: Moslems are Just Stacking Bodies on the Streets of Marawi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2017

Please note that the US military advisors who showed up unannounced are not doing anything to fix this situation and it has actually gotten significantly worse since they got there.

I want to restate my position that Duterte should tell the US to leave, and request advisors from either China, Russia or both.

Either of those nations would send forces that would wipe this people out inside a week – and one do so on the sole condition that Duterte made a public show of kicking the US out. If it was China, this would not effect the Spratly negotiations at all, whatsoever, it would be a totally separate deal.

I’m 100% sure of this. All Duterte has to do is call up Putin and or Xi, then make a public statement demanding US forces leave the country.


A Philippine politician claims that residents fleeing Marawi City have seen at least 100 bodies “scattered” in the streets following weeks of intense fighting between militants linked to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and government forces.

Recounting the testimony of people who recently escaped the besieged city, Zia Alonto Adiong, the Governor of the province Lanao del Sur, said scores of bodies are in an area which saw heavy gunfire.

“Dead bodies, at least 100, scattered around the encounter area,” Adiong told reporters, according to Reuters. The army previously said that 290 people have been killed, including 206 militants, 58 soldiers and 26 civilians.

Adiong, who is helping rescue and relief efforts, had earlier claimed that up to 1,000 dead bodies were seen by the fleeing residents. He subsequently revised that number.

The politician also said that starvation has led residents to eat cardboard boxes. “It’s heartbreaking. It’s almost unbelievable to think that people are living this way,” Adiong told AFP.

Senior Philippine military figures say they are closing in on rebel held positions. “We intend to finish the fight as soon as possible. Our tactical commanders are doing their best,” military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera said, adding that 200 jihadists remain in the occupied city with many of them had taken up sniper positions.

As the fighting intensifies, the Philippine armed forces have announced the arrest of the brother of a jihadist leader.

Mohammad Noaim Maute, whose brothers Omarkhayam and Abdullah are the commanders of the Maute Group, was apprehended at a checkpoint near the city of Cagayan de Oro, north of Marawi.

Brigadier-General Gilbert Gapay, a military spokesman, said Mohammad is a suspected bomb-maker for the group which has pledged allegiance to IS.

It is simply absurd that US advisors are making the situation worse.

I mean, it is goofy.

Every adult with an IQ over 110 is aware that the US and its allies are behind ISIS. Some of them just like that they are.

If you have the US show up in your country claiming they are there to fight ISIS, you have a situation that is weird and nonsensical.

lol an Australian journalist got a bullet lodged in his neck.

He’s a champ for sure.

He’s just going to leave it there, I guess.

When I was 24 I lived in Cagayan de Oro city. There were no Moslems there at all, other than money changers.

I don’t know why, but in Asia, Moslems run money-changing stations.

This situation is getting out of control, and I think it is simply a fact that US and/or Saudi funding is creating this situation, and letting it go on indefinitely makes Duterte look weak.

One more time, for any Filipino government reading this: China or Russia has the ability to send in death squads and just remove these people. It could be done in a couple days. The US obviously has that ability as well, so the fact that they are not doing it should tell you all you need to know.

The longer this goes on, the closer you get to a mall getting bombed in Cebu or Manila, and then your whole crap is all messed up.

I guess that would be an excuse for martial law. But effectively, Duterte already has martial law authority because he has 96% support from the population and support from most of the government and is already summarily executing his enemies, even though that is totally against existing Filipino law.

So there is no need to declare martial law, and if there ever is, he has such overwhelming popular support that he could do it at any time for any reason or no reason.