Flips: Hero Duterte Orders Imprisonment of Filipino John McCain

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2018

There is so much we could learn from the Philippines.

We are being undermined and destroyed by traitors with an evil agenda.

Flips don’t play that shit.

The Guardian:

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the arrest of another senator critical of his administration, revoking a seven-year-old amnesty granted to rebel-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes.

Duterte ordered the military and the police to apprehend Trillanes so that the former navy officer could face trial for leading two failed coups in 2003 and 2007 against the presidency of Gloria Arroyo, an ally of Duterte who was recently installed as speaker of the house of representatives.

Trillanes is the second senator the Duterte administration has ordered arrested. Leila De Lima, a vocal critic of Duterte’s bloody campaign against illegal drugs, has been detained for 18 months over allegations of conspiring to trade illegal drugs.


The guy who tried to overthrow the government, citing alleged corruption, is now on a crusade to defend drug lords.

He also, as a Senator, held secret illegal meetings with the Chinese, telling them they could take the South China Sea and the Philippines couldn’t do nothing. This is a big part of what led to the current crisis in that region.

He is the Filipino equivalent of John McCain – just trying to undermine the nation in whatever ways he can.

The proclamation triggered a stand off between the military and the Senate leadership, who refused to allow an arrest to be made in the Senate, where Trillanes had camped overnight.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines, a national organisation of lawyers, also protested Duterte’s proclamation. “Not even the Supreme Court has the power to modify a judgment that has become final and executory,” said IBP national president Abdiel Dan Fajardo.

“I call on the military and the police to not follow illegal orders. You are not the private armies of Duterte. Do not stain the integrity of the military and police before the Filipino people by acting as pawns to a dictator,” said lawmaker Gary Alejano, also a former navy officer who joined Trillanes in the coups in 2003 and 2007.

In fact, they are absolutely the private armies of Duterte.

The man has thrown a coup. He is now in total control, he can do whatever the hell he wants, because he has support from virtually 100% of the population.

In other Flips news today – another dead traitor mayor.


A town mayor, who was accused by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte of being involved in the drug trade, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in a pre-dawn attack in Cebu province.

Mayor Mariano Blanco of the town of Rondo was killed by four unidentified attackers, who arrived at the town hall on board a white van, police told local media.

According to the report, the gunmen ordered Blanco’s two security escorts guarding his office to drop on the ground, before proceeding to the mayor’s office.

A burst of gunfire were heard shortly after before the attackers made their escape.

The employees later found Blanco’s lifeless body inside his office.


Duterte is forced to behave this way, because the country is in a crisis.

And America is in an even worse crisis.

It is time for Trump to start using Duterte-style methods of martial law and targeted assassinations of opposition politicians, journalists, etc.

Groups of masked men in white vans rushing government offices with rifles could do so much for this country.