Flips: Duterte Threatens AIRSTRIKES Against Drug Dealers!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2017

Best idea ever?

I’m gonna go with “yes.”


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to unleash the full might of the military against the private militias of corrupt politicians, including sending in fighter jets to bomb their positions.

The president was giving a speech in which he revealed he had expanded the list of politicians suspected to be involved in the drugs trade.

“Even if you have 100-200 armed men, that will not help,” he said, as quoted by the Manila Bulletin on Tuesday. “Why would you put up a fight? I have 12 FA-50 jets. I will drop five bombs on you. I will really use the force of the government.”

“I told you not to contradict the government. I will use the government because I have to protect the people who represent the government. I will not hesitate.”

Private armies led by politicians and powerful clans have long been a fixture in the Philippines, particularly in the southern island of Mindanao, wracked by conflict with communist and Muslim insurgents as well as the terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf, linked to Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL).

Other than providing security, the militias are known to be used for settling scores: in November 2009, gunmen loyal to the powerful Ampatuan family massacred 57 people in the province of Maguindanao. Duterte himself has been accused of leading an armed group dubbed the “Davao Death Squad” prior to his election as president, which allegedly carried out the killings of thousands of accused drug dealers, users, thieves and other petty criminals. Some of the alleged former members of the squad have testified in court, either providing descriptions of the alleged extrajudicial killings, or dismissing the very existence of the group as “media hype.”

He’s actually openly admitted to running the DDS on multiple occasions. I think he’s even said it since he’s been President. He definitely said it during the campaign.

This guy doesn’t care about anything. He just wants to slaughter his enemies and take care of the people.

Over 7,000 people have been killed in the police crackdown on drug dealers since the start of Duterte’s presidency in July 2016, according to data from the Philippine National Police (PNP). The Philippines authorities have claimed that a large portion of those deaths have come from suspects resisting arrest in police operations while others have come at the hands of vigilantes or rival crime syndicates working outside the law. Meanwhile, human rights groups allege there is an unofficial state-sanctioned policy of exterminating drug suspects, while police officers actively collude with the vigilantes.

That’s been totally admitted, it isn’t an allegation.

His entire political philosophy is “kill them all.”

Duterte is running a massive extermination operation, to cleanse the streets of the filth.

Remember Taxi Driver?

“Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets”?

Duterte is a real rain.

We need a real rain in this country, because I am sick of watching my brothers OD on fentanyl.

So far, no one has been able to give me a good reason why we can’t have death squads in America to exterminate drug dealers.