Flips: Duterte Summons US Ambassador After Being Accused of Being “Anti-Democracy”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2018

The word “democracy” has no actual meaning.

It is supposed to mean “by the people” or whatever – well, Duterte has like 94% support. He is point-blank the most popular leader on earth, excluding Kin Jong-Un (who is sort of not a fair person to include in that sort of ranking).

As the Jews use the term, “democracy” means “democratic values,” which means “doing what Jews tell you to do.”


The US envoy in Manila has been summoned in anger and the Phillipines’ embassy in the US told to give an “accurate picture” of their country to US intelligence, after a report flagged the Filipino leader as a threat to democracy.

Last week, the US intelligence community, in their Worldwide Threat Assessment report, listed President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the leaders in Southeast Asia who continue to pose a “threat” to democracy and human rights. The assessment suggested the 72-year-old leader could “suspend” the country’s constitution and impose nationwide martial law. It also accused Duterte of using social media to spread government views and to counter online criticism of the government.

The tiny mention of Duterte in the 28-page report struck the heart of the Philippine administration. Taking it as an insult, Manila summoned the US ambassador to the Philippines on Thursday to explain the US intelligence assessment and to preserve a thaw in relations witnessed under Trump.

After US Ambassador Sung Kim “explained the nature of the report”to Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, the two countries “discussed shared interests and possibilities for expanding our partnership,” the US embassy said in a statement. The US side confirmed its commitment to collaboration and reaffirmed the “strength of the broad and deep bilateral relationship.”

Following the meeting, the Philippine side urged its embassy staff in the US to contact members of the intelligence community to provide them with “accurate” picture of Duterte’s reforms in the country.

“Medialdea instructed the Department of Foreign Affairs, through our Philippine embassy in Washington, DC, to coordinate and engage with the US agencies involved in the writing of the assessment,” presidential palace spokesman Harry Roque said, following Thursday’s meeting. “Medialdea further directed our embassy officials and staff in the US to provide the latter accurate information on the realities happening on the ground in the Philippines.”

Following the publication of the US intelligence report, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo defended the Philippine president, saying his policies are only targeting “criminal elements, drug lords [and] corrupt government officials.”

“An autocracy is not prevalent, as they would like everyone to believe. Our media are still able to broadcast and print what they want, ‘fake news’ included. Our judiciary and the courts are functioning as usual. Our legislature remains independent and basic services are still being delivered,” Roque noted on Wednesday. “There is no revolutionary government or nationwide martial law, which US intelligence officials are saying that the President might declare or impose.”

Trump is the leader of America.

And he doesn’t have any real dictatorial power – I get that.

But he does have the power to publicly say “fuck these people, I like Duterte.”

He should do that.

Oh wait – he already did.