Flashback to Last Week: Ron DeSantis Comments on Sentient Car Attacking White Christmas Parade

This video is from a press conference Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave a week ago, but it never got posted here, and it’s pretty important.

He mocked the media for claiming that the Waukesha attack was done by a sentient Maximum Overdrive style vehicle, he called the attack anti-white, and he said the media would cover it up. He also suggested it was revenge for the Kyle verdict, and noted all of the media lies about that.

This is all the kind of thing that Donald Trump would have said a few years ago – the difference is that Ron DeSantis actually does things instead of just talks about them.

Everyone knows DeSantis gives pro-Israel rhetoric, but to be fair, he’s in Florida, which is a place with a lot of Jews. Furthermore, Israel is the least important thing about Jews, from where I’m sitting. I’m much more concerned about the fact that Jews incite black people to run over white children and grandmas and then use their control of the media to blame sentient vehicles.

Anyway, DeSantis doesn’t talk much about Israel, and basically every other thing he says I like.

I hope he does not run for president. Presidential elections are fake, and no Republican can ever win one again. He needs to solidify a base in Florida, keep pushing back against the Brandon Administration, and get ready for a secession movement. Along with being what is best for America and our people, this is what is best for his power and career.

He seems to be a smart guy, so he probably knows that.

I will endorse Matt Gaetz for President in 2024, assuming he agrees to run on a platform of “this is a joke and I’m not going to win because presidential elections are fake.” I think that would be the ideal way to deal with the presidential election, and Gaetz is the ideal person to do that bit.

Unfortunately, most conservative boomers seem to think they can beat voter fraud by just voting harder. Trump is of course stoking that moronic gibberish, as he continues to utterly decimate his legacy by behaving like a menace and a disinformation machine.

Speaking of clips from last week, I watched a Fox & Friends interview with the orange man last week, and 80% of it was him shilling the vax.

Is he literally being paid by Pfizer? What other explanation is there for this?

He has to know that there is a 100% overlap between his core base (former?) and not wanting this vax. There is no way he doesn’t know that. And yet, there he is, every time you see him, demanding people take this poison.

All I want for Christmas is for Donald Trump to go away and play golf and never make another public statement.

He is literally Pet Sematary Trump.

It almost makes me believe in those black conspiracies about rappers being cloned and replaced with the clones.

I actually watched the 2019 remake of Pet Sematary, by the way. I don’t usually watch modern horror films, because they are all just satanic gore porn. But it wasn’t too bad. It had a very German or Scandinavian feel.

And it really is the perfect metaphor for what is happening with Donald Trump post election hoax.

Since his “resurrection,” I can’t think of one single thing that Trump has done that I didn’t hate. To be fair, it is hard to hear anything after listening to a pro-vax rant. I just can’t consider anyone who says that stuff anything other than an embodiment of demonic forces.

But in the Fox interview, he didn’t even mention the sentient car attack. It was just “vax vax vax vax vax vax vax border vax vax economy vax vax vax gas prices vax vax vax Russia vax vax China.”

He’s not even funny anyone. I didn’t lol once in that Fox interview, which is the first time I remember that ever happening in a Trump interview. He didn’t even bother to make a Brandon joke.

I never liked DeSantis for his jokes, but he delivers dry wit that is now much lulzier than Trump.