Flagship Pirate Radio Station for Alex Jones Gets Shut Down

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2018

The Chinese Communists are making it very difficult for Alex Jones to wage his information war.

Not only are the Chinese Communists in the process of systematically banning Alex Jones from the Internet, but a large pirate radio station that carried his show in the Austin, Texas area has just been shut down.

Austin American Statesmen:

A pirate radio station that serves as controversial host Alex Jones’ Austin flagship has been knocked off the city’s airwaves – at least temporarily – and the Federal Communications Commission has levied a $15,000 penalty that the station’s operators are refusing to pay.

A lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Austin accuses Liberty Radio of operating at 90.1 FM without federal consent since at least 2013. Religious programming was airing on that frequency Wednesday, in place of Liberty Radio.

A check of the Liberty Radio website, txlr.net, indicated the station stopped being transmitted over the air in December, but has been streaming online and via a call-in “listen line.”

According to court documents, FCC enforcement agents from Houston were called to the Austin area to investigate 90.1 FM after the agency received a complaint. Using high-tech equipment, those agents were able to trace the signal to the Orchard Plaza apartments at 1127 and 1205 E. 52nd St. in East Austin.

Back in the 1990s and even into the 2000s, pirate radio stations were one of the main methods people outside of the political mainstream would use to try and reach people. The Internet had not yet developed into a useful medium for normal people to exchange audio or video content. Cellular phones had limited functionality – they were not the pocket computers we know today. This made AM and FM radio a much more critical medium to communicate information to people.

Having access to a large unlicensed radio station was a fairly big deal back in those days. Naturally, there were all sorts of characters involved with this scene. Show hosts were a mix of conspiracy theorists, patriot militia types, religious doomsday prophets and self-proclaimed new age gurus. The vast majority of these people had a variety of problems with the United States government and used this platform to express their grievances.

Pirate radio, and specifically unlicensed radio transmissions in the Austin, Texas area, is a big part of what helped launch Jones’ media career. It’s interesting to see that remnants of that scene are still active, especially considering how much the Internet has revolutionized communications.

Despite the fact that this medium has lost importance, it is funny to see how Jones has been forced off of it in his own backyard. He’s literally getting shut down from everything. While the shut down he faces has not yet reached Daily Stormer-tier levels, it has to be causing tremendous problems for him.

On top of the shut down, Jones employs a large staff and is facing several lawsuits. There’s just no way that he’ll be able to maintain his current operational capacity considering these circumstances.

Jones must finally be realizing the high price one pays when they dare expose the Chinese Communists. It is very possible that the information war Jones is waging will not be allowed to continue.