“Flag Worth Defending” – Swedish Military Runs Anal Flag Advertisement

You people think that it is some kind of hyperbole or other exaggeration to say that the Western military is literally fighting for anal sex.

It’s not hyperbole.


The Swedish Armed Forces have paid for a pro-LGBTQ ad in one of the country’s leading newspapers, featuring soldiers standing beneath a rainbow flag. The campaign has provoked some fiery discussions online.

The front-page ad in the Svenska Dagbladet daily features a group of soldiers in full combat gear, one holding a large rainbow flag.

The text at the top of the image reads, “A flag worth defending,” and, in smaller print below, it says, “We defend human rights, equality for all, and our right to live as we choose.”

The ad was published ahead of the week-long Stockholm Pride festival, which kicks off this Monday.

A nation – or a civilization in the case of “the Western world” – has to have a unifying idea in order to function. That unifying idea has to clash with the unified idea of the stated enemy. This is the animating force of global military conflict.

Historically, the unifying idea of European civilization was Christianity. Christians fought under the Cross against the Moslems.

Then there was Protestant and Catholic Churches fighting one another.

Then there were Republicans and monarchists fighting one another.

Then there were capitalists and communists fighting one another.

Now, what you have is defenders of gay anal sex, and defenders of homosexuals having free access to children, fighting against people who support traditional heterosexual families.

Fox News can claim that the Russians are “autocrats,” the Chinese are “communists,” and the Iranians are “Islamic terrorists” – but the American idea supports autocracy, communism and Islam.

The one core difference between the West and its enemies is the promotion of gay anal sex, and to the same extent, and really as an extension of the anti-family agenda, the promotion of female liberation.

That is where the line is between the West and Russia, China and Iran.

It is obvious everywhere you look.

In occupied Taiwan, the main thing that the US occupation promotes is gay anal marriage and gay sex parades everywhere. That is what the Chinese people talk about, both in the mainland and in Taiwan. Fox News can frame it as this shifty “capitalism vs. communism” thing, which actually makes no sense in the 20th century, but this is just a total hoax.

Hong Kong is “capitalist” and they had no problem functioning in unison with the “communist” mainland government until the CIA sent in Antifa terrorists to burn down malls.

The Antifa “umbrella” rioters in Hong Kong, which the US media was universally supporting, were saying that they were fighting against the “capitalism” of mainland China.

It’s all just gibberish. No one other than shill bots cares about capitalism or communism in the current year.

In the current year, the dichotomy of civilizations is whether or not they support a traditional image of the family unit, or whether they support faggots and women running buckwild.

Everywhere you look, you see that.

All of the CIA protests feature women and homosexuals. It’s not just Hong Kong. It is the protests in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Burma, etc.

This is the underlying conflict, and we would do well to acknowledge it, rather than embracing stupid nonsense from the media meant to trick people into supporting a total gay anal extravaganza.