UK: Crusader Spirit Not Dead! Full Metal Knight BTFO’s Kebabs!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2018

This is what the #Resistance looks like.

The Sun:

A “KNIGHT” threatened a man with a 14th century sword in a bust-up with yobs outside his home, a court heard.

Alun Powell, who dresses in armour for battle re-enactments, pulled the 3ft blade and an axe from the boot of his car after brandishing a knuckleduster, the jury were told.

The dad of four, 31, was accused of “taking a fighting stance” then smashing a car window with the sword as the group of youths fled.

Prosecutors claimed he grabbed Kamil Ahmed around the throat.

Powell had been plagued by years of anti-social behaviour including cars revving outside, people smoking drugs and rubbish shoved in his letterbox, Newport crown court heard.

Prosecutor Nuhu Gobir said: “He was clearly angry. Instead of calling police he went outside and put himself in danger by arming himself with a knuckleduster.


They took away his gunz and his butterknives, but forgot about his medieval arsenal, stockpiled by his family for centuries in case the Saracens ever invaded the Isles.

It gets even more based though:

“He showed it to the crowd. He grabbed Mr Ahmed by the throat even though there had been no threats towards him. He went to his car and grabbed a sword and axe.

“He said in a police interview that he ‘saw red’.

“He told Mr Ahmed and another complainant that he was going to kill them. They saw the weapons and left as quickly as possible.”

Asked why he owned the sword, Powell said he was a “medieval sports enthusiast” who fought at castles using blunt weapons, including his replica “14th century” blade.

Inspiring stuff.

Literally made me start listening to Crusader tunes again.

By the way, you know that they’re going to start going after the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) community, next, right?

YouTube already gives a lot of their videos a hard time. They’re demonetized and often get into the same sort of trouble that Neon-Nazi content channels would.

Anything with weapons is going to eventually get censored.

Just remember grade school, where they would call your parents in if you picked up a stick (weapon) or made your fingers into a gun shape (weapon). YouTube is run by Jews and the same cat ladies that annoyed the shit out of you in elementary school.

Take the Slingshot Channel guy.

He got run off Youtube for absolutely nothing.

Remember FPS Russia?

Raided by Feds and probably just as well – YouTube would have ended up shutting him down anyway.

Also, most of their online fans were/are Neon-Nazis.

As hard as this community tries to prove that they aren’t racist, I still don’t see any chance of them not getting banned or labeled a terrorist organization eventually.

Incidents like this will be used to smear the mostly harmless, kind of nerdy, but overwhelmingly White men of HEMA.

They’ll all be labeled Russian Bots, Alt-Right and White Supremacists sooner rather than later.

Still. The man charging the kebabs down with a sword did good

He even proved that you don’t need muh guns to send a message when cold steel will do.

The problem now isn’t a lack of weapons in Europe.

It’s a lack of will. 

Also, a suggestion to future HEMA Neon-Nazi Terrorists. Learn to use a spear instead of a sword. It’s scientifically been proven to be more effective.