“FIX THIS NOW!” – Jews Order Baseball Team to Destroy Hat Over Invisible Secret Swastika

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2020

I’m not seeing a swastika on that hat. And I’m a person that loves swastikas and sees them all over the place.

I’m sitting here trying to do like a hidden picture cross-eyes thing to see it and I still don’t see it.

But you know who is seeing a swastika?

The Jews.


The San Diego Padres’ new spring training cap unveiled last week will only be worn briefly following an outcry from fans who think the logo looks like a swastika.

“Following our offseason uniform rebrand and the overwhelmingly positive response from Padres fans, we’ve decided to wear our regular season brown caps with the gold ‘SD’ for the majority of spring training,” Wayne Partello, the team’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Partello did not mention the controversy over whether the logo on the spring training hats looks like a swastika.

The caps will be worn at least once since the team has been selling and promoting the hat with the logo to fans as on-field equipment, CBS Sports reported.

I am probably as upset about the demanding behavior of entitled Jews as the Jews are about this hat.

This tweet was used in every article on the topic as the source of the gripes, but has since been deleted, apparently because it was getting so much attention.

It is just so inappropriate and rude the way these people come into our countries and make all of these aggressive, dumb demands. The phrasing “FIX THIS NOW!” really sums up the whole attitude – that we are all slaves, here only to serve them, and we must do their bidding in an immediate fashion. “FIX THIS NOW!” is not the language of an oppressed victim group, it is the language of a boss to a low-level employee.

I don’t think we should tolerate the Jews talking to us like that.