Five Time Elected Vermont Mayor Loses Re-Election Over Support for Non-White Immigration

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2017

A dangerous myth in the current political paradigm is that non-white mass immigration is a “left” vs “right” issue, when the real divide falls on the lines of race and class. White working and middle class people don’t want more invaders in America, while brown people and power people (both Democrat and Republican, as the “Gang of 8” showed) do. The Jew is perched on top of this pyramid overseeing the conflict and trying to put its claws on the scale of the pro-immigration side.

Rutland, Vermont Mayor, Christopher Louras, was recently dealt an upsetting blow by a widely unknown City Councilor named David Allaire. The state of Vermont is known as one of the most progressive and Leftist in the union, and Louras’ bid for a sixth term emphasized his desire to re-settle scores of random Syrians and Iraqis to his district.

He’s now regretting it.


A mayor who was handily defeated in his bid for a sixth two-year term said Wednesday that he believes his loss was due to his support for a plan to bring refugees from Syria and Iraq to the economically depressed Vermont city.

Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras lost Tuesday’s four-way race to City Councilor David Allaire, who had campaigned on a platform of healing a community divided by the mayor’s refugee plan.

While acknowledging that a number of local issues played a role in the race, Louras said he felt his support for refugee resettlement ultimately cost him re-election.

“Though I wanted to think this was not a referendum on refugee resettlement, I continue to believe, as I’ve articulated, Rutland is a microcosm of the national conversation on immigration and refugees, and ultimately it was not an election on the issues but an election based on emotions,” Louras said.

According to unofficial returns, Allaire claimed 52 percent of the vote. Also in the race were downtown advocate Michael Coppinger and resident Kam Johnston. The candidates do not run under a party affiliation.

“One of the first things I want to do is restore the trust in City Hall,” Allaire said, standing outside his victory party. “That’s what I’m going to do.”

Last spring, Louras announced a plan to bring up to 100 refugees annually from Syria and Iraq to the city of about 16,500 residents. The plan split the community, with many residents eager to greet the newcomers but with others citing concerns the refugees could be security threats or economic burdens.

When gauging the average white leftist voter, it’s important to finely distinguish the factions in this tent. In coastal cities, the “liberals” are a coalition of Jews, isolated elites and non-whites, but in places like Vermont, many whites vote left based on reasonable economic grievances. Notice how at the beginning of his campaign and in his career in Congress, Bernie Sanders was been very skeptical about illegal immigration, which he flip-flopped on during his presidential campaign in order to get in lockstep with the Washington consensus on the matter.

Louras’ victorious upstart challenger, Allaire, persistently attacked the Mayor for his refugee policy. The reason Democrats have won in the past on unpopular refugee and sanctuary city policies is that challengers never attacked them on that front. Now that cucks feel protected by Donald Trump, they might actually start winning elections in white majority blue districts.

All the GOP needs to do is not touch “entitlements” (Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid) while making sure illegals don’t get to access any of these programs, and they will grow into an unstoppable force after 2018. Doing what their constituents want, however, may prove elusive to the Ryan wing of the GOP, so we’ll see what happens.