Five Ohio Deputies Being Investigated for Allegedly Making Fun of Blacks in Text Messages

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2014

Two White cops who just made a racist joke to each other.
Two White cops who just made a racist joke and giggled.

Five deputies from Montgomery County, Ohio are being investigated for supposedly exchanging text messages with numerous jokes and unflattering comments about Blacks. Two of the deputies, Thomas Flanders and Michael Sollenberger, are now on paid administrative leave whilst the other three continue to work.

An anonymous source (go figure) initially sent hundreds of pages of the texts to the Dayton chapter of the NAACP, which then turned them over to the Montgomery County Sheriff after concluding its own investigation.

One text read: ‘What do apples and black people have in common? They both hang from trees.’

Another text read: ‘We stopped at a Walmart in Birmingham, there are a lot of Black people in Alabama. It’s all Martin Luther Kings fault.’

And another one was ostensibly not a joke, but a statement of the sender’s true feelings: ‘I hate Niggers. That is all.’

Daily Mail:

The deputies were in shock they were caught, ‘but did not apologize,’ [Sheriff Phil] Plummer said.

The two suspended officers have both been recently promoted.

Captain Tom Flanders, who has been with the office for 19 years, told 2 NEWS that the allegations are completely false.

He denied being racist and said he looked forward to clearing his name.

One does not have to hold hardcore racist views to find Black jokes funny. Racist jokes in general poke fun at stereotypes, and stereotypes exist for a reason. People who hate hearing even the most lighthearted racist jokes are probably pansies and/or supporters of policies harmful to our race.

Although I do not hate Blacks as a group, I, and all of you, can certainly empathize with the feelings of these deputies. It is no doubt tough and stressful to be a police officer in a county where its major city has experienced decades of White flight—a natural result of an ever-increasing Black population and the consequential emergence of Third World characteristics.

In the possible event that the five deputies are fired for the texts, they might as well admit they’re at least a little bit racist and that they don’t regret sending them. Even if they vehemently deny being racist, that will not change their public perception. What do they gain by lying? What do they lose by being honest?