Five Doctors – Three Jews, One Gook, One Blagg – Arrested for Dealing Millions in Opioids

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2018

This video is pretty long, but it’s nice to see someone doing their job.

As a Stormer reader before I was a Stormer writer, when I first started reading this site, I was a lot more interested in the Truth about niggers, mestizos, women and leftists – all of which I had already been forced to deal with repeatedly on a personal level – than was I interested in Jews, which I had never really had to deal with on a personal level.

I always found them kind of neurotic and shifty and unlikable and I knew they weren’t really trustworthy. The Holocaust memes were funny, because I hated Holocaust denial laws, WW2 and wars for Israel, but I didn’t really care, because it didn’t affect me on a personal level.

The impact of Jewish manipulation on ideologies is a bit hard to grasp.

The opioid issue, however, personalizes the Jewish problem.

Imagine how many people have died from all the oxycodone these greasy kikes have dealt.

Daily Mail:

Five New York doctors have been charged for prescribing millions of highly-addictive oxycodone pills to patients without examining them.

Drs Carl Anderson, Dante Cubangbang, Nkanga Nkanga, Anthony Pietropinto and  Nadem Sayegh have been accused of running an illegal prescription drug mill that resulted in multiple deaths and several overdoses.

According to Manhattan federal prosecutors, the physicians often dished out pills under other people’s names and without physically examining them or seeing them.

In return, many of them received cash payments or luxury gifts such as alcohol, dinners and all-expenses paid vacations.

Authorities say that Dr Cubangbang, 50, whose office was in a pain clinic in Queens, prescribed 4.6 million oxycodone pills in the last six years alone.

Dr Cubangbang’s clinic itself dished out 6.2 million oxycodone pills, an equivalent of 180 kilograms of pure oxycodone, over six years and brought in more than $5.7 million in patient fees over the last three.

Three of Cubangbang’s associates – nurse John Gargan, office manager Michael Kellerman and crew chief Loran Piquant – were also charged by prosecutors.

According to court documents, Gargan alone prescribed 1.6 million oxycodone pills.

However, Kellerman was recorded on tape in August 2018 berating Gargan for not bringing enough patients into the clinic.

‘There’s no reason not to have patients,’ Kellerman says on the tape, according to the court documents.

‘Ten million documented people living in New York City and another two, three, maybe four million undocumented…Are you telling me you cannot…get the people to come over here?’

Dr Anderson, 57, who worked and lived in Staten Island, prescribed close to one million pills, prosecutors say.

‘Anderson often saw those purported patients, some of whom displayed visible signs of drug addiction, without appointments, in the middle of the night – sometimes at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning – and required that they pay hundreds of dollars in cash for each prescription,’ read court documents.

Prosecutors also allege that street dealer Arthur Grande acquired a large amount of pills from Dr Anderson and sold them illegally. Grande has also been charged.

Whether on the civilizational scale or the microeconomic level, these hook-nosed yids always seem to find some other diversity-kin to do their dirty work for them.

Dr Pietropinto, 80, a psychiatrist who operated out of an office on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, allegedly prescribed thousands of oxycodone pills that led to at least one overdose death.

District attorneys say Dr Pietropinto advised his patients to not fill their prescriptions at large chain pharmacies because pharmacists would then call him and ask why he was writing prescriptions for large amounts of oxycodone.

Court documents reveal that he prescribed more than 12,000 pills for just one patient between October 2013 and May 2018.

He also wrote some book in 1977 desconstructing your masculinity for you, before he realized he could make more money selling drugs than selling bullshit.

Maybe when he’s in jail, he can write books about how he was rewarded with daemonic servants by his tribal god Yahweh for corrupting the goyim and ritually sacrificing them through fatal opiate overdoses.

I’d read that.

The psychiatrist charged between $50 and $100 in cash, yet filed for bankruptcy in 2015. 

The classic method of bankruptcy fraud is to have debts on the books, and income and assets off the books. This allows the Jew to legally not repay his debts, as long as the government doesn’t find his gold stash.

Dr Sayegh, 64, an endocrinologist who had offices in the Bronx and Westchester, allegedly distributed more than 50,000 oxycodone pills.

District attorneys say for one patient, Dr Sayegh would issue oxycodone prescriptions in his name, variations of his name, family members’ names, and other names.

In return, he received more than $100,000 in cash as well as ‘expensive dinners, high-end whisky, cruises, and all-expense-paid trips,’ court documents state.

Dr Nkanga, 65, who also worked on Staten Island, allegedly prescribed 500,000 oxycodone pills, sometimes without conducting any physical examination or even seeing them in person.

Prosecutors say he prescribed more 100 oxycodone pills per patient per month on average.

What can I even say about this?

Three Jews, a gook and a nigger walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What can I get you?”

The nigger says, “Get me some fried chicken and malt liquor.”

The gook says, “Get me some fermented squid heads and some warm sake.”

The first Jew says, “Get me some unleavened bread and foreskin blood.”

The second Jew says, “Get me 200 kilos of Oxy, and ten million dollars.”

The third Jew says, “Also, destroy the lives of thousands of addicted goyim, and kill them via overdose.”

They all laugh.