First US Coronavirus Death! You’re All Next!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2020

It’s over bro just give up.


The Trump administration on Saturday announced new travel restrictions after confirmation of the first coronavirus death in the US, with President Donald Trump signaling a more robust response as US cases rise.

Trump said additional cases in America were “likely” but cautioned the public not to “panic.”

“Additional cases in the US are likely,” Trump said, “but healthy individuals should be able to fully recover.”

The President, joined by members of his administration’s coronavirus task force as he made comments from the White House briefing room, aimed to calm Americans.

“We respectfully ask the media and politicians and everybody else involved not do anything to incite the panic, because there’s no reason to panic at all,” Trump said.

The President also offered his condolences to the first coronavirus death in America.

Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, health officer for Seattle and King County, Washington, confirmed Saturday that the individual who died was male. Trump earlier described the patient, who died in Washington state, as a “medically high-risk patient in her late 50s” and “a wonderful woman.”

A senior administration official blamed the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the mix up.

“Dr. (Robert) Redfield briefed Pence and Trump after speaking with Washington State health officials that it was a woman. Washington State has since corrected,” the official said.

Redfield tweeted later Saturday that the “CDC erroneously identified the patient as a female in a briefing earlier (Saturday) with the President and Vice President.”

The Washington patient appears to have become ill through community spread, according to Redfield, who spoke alongside the President at Saturday’s briefing.

As I explained on Saturday, this disease is Donald Trump’s fault. All the fat orange slob had to do was shut down travel from China, but he didn’t do that because he feels sad when Jews call him a racist. His anti-racist agenda is now going to result in untold numbers of deaths. And they will still call him a racist anyway.

He literally brought back entire planes of people from Wuhan – most of which were “Chinese Americans,” some of which were also actual American tourists and English teachers.


Then his half-retard Arab HHS chief didn’t test them right and just let them all go into the population.

Excellent work, Mr. Trump.

Brilliant and virile stratagem.

Basically, you’re all a bunch of walking corpses.

Not me, though. I live in sunny Nigeria, which is like Southern California was in the 1960s.

You all know what I mean.

The hilarious thing is that Donald Trump’s anti-racist “no containment lol” pandemic “mitigation” strategy is the number one thing most likely to lose him the election in November.

People are just going to be like, “what the hell were you doing? Why did you let this happen to us? Planes directly from Wuhan to Los Angeles even when people couldn’t leave Wuhan to enter the rest of China? Do you think our lives are a joke?”

Did you see him get up there and appoint Mike Pence to “manage the situation” like it was all some kind of a joke?

We should have voted for Ron Paul.

He knew that it was all going to happen.

We should have listened.

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