First They Came For the Alt-Right, Then They Came For Alex Jones, THEN They Came for the Russians

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2018

On some level, I don’t fault the Russians for keeping the Alt-Right at arms length. Memes aside, I think that was a solid move on their part, fueled largely by their own ignorance, but still.

On another level, I don’t fault Alex Jones for keeping the Alt-Right at arms length either. It seemed that around 2016-17, Alex Jones was on the threshold of going semi-mainstream.

We were so close to having AJ pull a fucking Gatling gun on the Soros-funded secret Nazis in the press corps.

So I was like, “cool, whatever, keep your distance and do your thing, Jones.”

People forget that it actually seemed like he was about to get a White House press pass at one point!


None of our supposed allies came to our defense then, for one reason or another. So we got de-platformed. Chased off Facebook and Twitter. Demonetized and eventually de-platformed by all payment providers as well. And not a peep. Sad!

But, of course, the Jews didn’t stop there.

Once they were finished with the Alt-Right, they turned right around and then AJ got nailed to the wall. He got the patented Alt-Right ™ treatment as well.

But whatever, you guys know all that already. Ancient history.

Here’s the fresh news.


RT America’s Rachel Blevins has had her public account axed by Facebook amid the social media giant’s recent crackdown on alternative news sources. Blevins says she only posted her journalistic work and is baffled by the move.

Rachel says she had to work hard for four years to amass a following of nearly 70,000 people. She has no clue as to what might have prompted Facebook censors to see red and banish her from the site in the ‘inauthentic behavior’ crackdown, as she only posted her own work, articles and video reports.

Rachel says she is not a spammer, as she has always used her own personal account to post stories. She states that she has never spread any controversial material – her reports simply look at angles the mainstream media ignores.

Facebook has turned its back on content creators, and is now silencing instead of encouraging them, she says.

Whatever toots, they’re not listening. Your bleating falls on deaf ears.

But yeah, this means that now they’re going after the Russians. How completely predictable! 

Remember, the media portrayed as a holy trinity of White Supremacists, Conspiracy Theorists and Russian Bots/Hackers.

You didn’t have to be Nostrada-fucking-damus to figure out who they were going to go after next.

Man, oh man. Is this what it feels like to be the adult in the room?

I have to reach deez keedz! 

The Jew strategy is the same as it’s always been.

They’re going full SHUT IT DOWN.

You’ve already seen them do this thing twice.

First with us, then with AJ, and now it’s your turn. 

All these people need a remedial class on Jews. They didn’t do their homework. They’re completely clueless! It’s like that Jew saying about first them coming for the whoever and no one saying anything. Jews like to project, so naturally, they went ahead and did exactly what they accused the goyim of doing. You would know that if you were well-versed in Jewish trickery. #JustJewThings

Now, I say “the Russians” but really RT and Sputnik are run by Armenians and Women. So there’s clearly some resistance from these two groups to having a nice sit down chat with us.

But despite this, I think that it can happen. In fact, it must happen.

The Trinity of HATE Must Become One. 

And they’ve actually started interviewing purged voices.

So I say, its time for AJ to get a slot and an interview.

Then, right afterwards, its time for us to get in there as well.