First Precrime Suspect Held by FBI – Daily Stormer Flier Guy “Might Do Something Violent”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2018

A story about a Stormer-fan from Car, North Carolina putting up fliers is not getting national news coverage, but the tragicomedy appears to be the first instance of a suspect being held by the FBI on suspicion of “precrime” in the wake of the Gunfight at O.K. Synagogue.

For those who don’t know the term, “precrime” was coined by Philip K. Dick in his story “The Minority Report,” which was later made into a film of the same name. The story deals with the concept of a future dystopia where police use a system which mixes telepaths with machines to identify people guilty of crimes before they commit them.

In the wake of the synagogue event, pundits all across TV were demanding this kind of system, where people could be arrested and held based on the theory that they may commit a crime.


A Cary man charged with burning a cross at a town park and making anti-Semitic comments at a synagogue also passed out neo-Nazi fliers around his neighborhood, according to Wake County search warrants obtained by CBS 17.

William Josephus Warden, 20, faces a charge of ethnic intimidation as well as a charge of placing a burning cross without permission.

First problem here was doing something illegal.

None of you should ever do anything illegal.

The “ethnic intimidation” stuff is confusing and arguably not a real crime, but everyone should know that burning a cross in a public park is illegal.

This is also stuff that is going to lead to you getting doxed, as happened to William.

Cary police said Warden went to the Congregation of Shaarei Shalom in Cary on Nov. 3 around 10:15 p.m. He rang their smart doorbell and someone answered the call remotely.

At that point, Cary police said Warden made a “number of disparaging statements against the Jewish religion and people of the Jewish faith.”

Rabbi Seth Klayman said Warden made “typical anti-Semitic tropes” like “get out of the government” and “get out of Cary.”

Wait, “get out of Cary” is a typical anti-Semitic trope? Why have I never heard it?

Seriously though kids – nothing to be gained from this. You just get doxed, even if it isn’t ruled illegal.

The newly-obtained warrants show that Warden was involved in other neo-Nazi incidents in Cary.

According to authorities, a paper flier with a swastika and the words “Aryan Youth” were passed out at homes in the area of Roebling Lane in Cary on the morning of Oct. 16.

On the flier was a link to a Soundcloud music channel. The channel contained “numerous songs bearing titles which suggest a strong anti-Semitic and anti-African ideology,” as well as “a partial image of a swastika flag along with the words ‘Will Warden’ and ‘Morrisville, North Carolina…’ according to warrants.

looool @ “anti-African ideology.”

But yeah – don’t put your real name on the internet, guys.

Come on.

On or around Oct. 18, at least 60 fliers were reported in the same area of Cary. Those fliers contained an image of a swastika and the words, in all capital letters, “…JOIN US IN THE STRUGGLE FOR GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMACY AT THE DAILY STORMER.”

The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi message board and website “that advocates for the genocide of Jews,” according to the warrant.

Wait wait wait – I never “advocated for the genocide of Jews,” I simply suggested it as a possible option.

Furthermore, I have completely renounced my previous calls for fake shower room gas chambers, and have embraced instead a call for bringing back the Stairs of Death, where Jews will be forced to carry boulders up stairs until all their bones break. I have also given endorsement of masturbation machines, which can be used to masturbate Jews to death.

This warrant is not accurate, and should state explicitly that the site “has suggested the Stairs of Death and masturbation machines as a potential solution to the Jewish problem.”

As far as fliers go – this is something you can do, but only if you don’t get doxed in the process. That means posting them up – in places where it is legal to do so – not handing them out.

You need to stay safe out there.

But here’s where things get bad and weird.

Cary police notified one of their detectives about the fliers and Soundcloud and that detective then reached out to Warden’s parents, Billy Warden and Lucy Inman, to set up an interview, warrants show.

The detective met Warden on Nov. 1 at a Starbucks in Cary to conduct the interview. An FBI agent was also present for the interview.

Warrants show that the detective reported that “Warden appeared both sincere and unusually candid with his statements” and that he “freely admitted to being the owner of the…Soundcloud account as well as distributing the…fliers.”








How difficult is this?

There is never, ever, ever any circumstance where talking to the cops is going to be good for you. Beyond a routine traffic stop (assuming you’re not drunk), no words from your lips should ever go into the ear of a police officer other than “I demand a state-appointed lawyer.”


They will tell you “oh well, if you talk to us now we can just get this sorted out” – that is always a trap. It means they don’t have anything on you and want you to admit things. You can always say “I demand a state appointed lawyer” at which point they will almost always say, “you’re not being charged with anything” at which point you say, “am I free to go?”

Note that in this situation, the warrant was issued AFTER his conversation with the Fed. Meaning that the warrant was issued BASED ON WHAT HE TOLD THEM.

How many times does this have to happen before you people get it?

I know it is intimidating to have cops coming to you and I know they can be persuasive. But you have to have this procedure memorized.

Obviously, the meeting at a Starbucks was part of the trick – “oh this is just an informal thing, we don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, you have freedom of speech, we just want to clear some things up” – then the beans are spilled and you’re arrested for some joke charge and held on… precrime theories.

Warden also told the detective that “he belongs to a group of like-minded individuals who live in the area.” Warden refused to identify other members of the group or say how many people were in the group.

According to warrants, Warden did tell authorities that the group is named the “Traditionalist Youth Network” and operates on the social media platform Gab, as well as Facebook.

Also, don’t ever join a group that has the word “traditionalist” in the name, and don’t ever use Gab.

These are both great ways to end up in federal custody.

Gab has been in the news recently after it was revealed that accused Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers was active on the social media platform. Bowers is charged with killing 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Warden told authorities that he believed Bowers was “out of options,” but that “he himself is not a supporter of violence, but added that he would not stand in the way of others who commit it,” according to warrants.

The detective reported that Warden told him he would most likely not tell him beforehand if he knew of an impending act of violence against a person and “cited his hatred for Jews and perceived overreach of law enforcement as justification for that position,” warrants show.

The ethnic intimidation incident at the synagogue occurred just two days after Warden’s interview with police and the FBI.

Warden was arrested Nov. 4 after police determined that, based on comments made at the synagogue and images and text found on Warden’s Soundcloud, he “might be intending to conduct an act of violence against a protected class of individuals” and that the “violent act might be imminent and scheduled to occur on Nov. 5, 2018,” according to warrants.

Warden was arrested and placed in the Wake County Detention Center under a $20,000 secured bond. His bond has since been increased to $75,000, according to arrest records.

There you have it.

Held because he “might do something.”

This is completely and totally insane.

Obviously, they could have arrested him just for what he told them in the interview – but they wanted to make a point that they are holding him for precrime. Because they are now in the process of establishing a precedent for holding people for precrime.

Please, guys.

Listen to me, and do not do any of the things William did.

You don’t want to be in these situations.