First Child with Three Parents Born

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2016


But why tho?

Fox News:

Scientists say the first baby has been born from a new technique that combines DNA from three people.

The goal is to prevent the child from inheriting a fatal genetic disease from the mother.

The birth, of a boy, is revealed in a research summary published by the journal Fertility & Sterility. Scientists are scheduled to make a fuller presentation at a meeting next month.

The magazine New Scientist said the baby was born five months ago to Jordanian parents, and that they were treated in Mexico by a team led by Dr. John Zhang of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York. The technique is not approved in the United States, but Zhang told the magazine, “To save lives is the ethical thing to do.”

A spokesman for the fertility center said Zhang was not available for further comment on Tuesday. Others involved in the research referred questions to Zhang.

I think this is stupid.

You have no idea what sort of issues this baby is going to have. And it serves no purpose. It’s just a neat trick, like “wow look what we pulled off.”

I think we should stop doing things like this.